MAP CP 0287 - Review of Debt Assignment Protocol process

Current Status Implemented Implementation Date 27/06/2019
Version 2.00 Related Changes

Executive Summary

This CP seeks to amend MAP13 and the 'DAP Flows' (D0306, D0307, D0308 and D0309). This is to reflect an IREG review of the process and to resolve issues with mismatch of customer names and to improve the overall timetable of events.

Change History

23 Feb 2017
MDB_2017_0223 (Impact Assessment)
27 Apr 2017
MDB_2017_04_27 (For Vote)
04 Apr 2018
MDB_18_0329 (Impact Assessment)
31 May 2018
MDB_18_0531 (For Vote)
31 May 2018
MDB_18_0531 (MDB Accept Modified)

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