MIF 59 - Sending of D0303

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WPD is the Meter Asset Provider for around 2 million meters and associated equipment in the South West and South Wales areas. Our asset database relies on receiving D0303 flows form Meter Operators to inform us when an asset is removed and when there has been a change of supplier (CoS). In the absence of us receiving accurate flows then we will continue to charge rental for assets that have been removed and we will continue to charge the Old Supplier on a CoS. Recent internal analysis following Supplier queries, and feedback from a number of Suppliers, has revealed that there are many instances where Meter Operator has not sent us a D0303 when they should have done. We believe this is possibly an industry issue and it may have similar root causes to the issue of incorrect meter data being held on ECOES. If multiple Suppliers and MAPs are affected we believe an industry wide solution should be developed to correct existing records and to maintain them going forward.

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