MIF 146 - Unmetered Supply (UMS) Disconnections Process

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Executive Summary

  On 7th January 2014 MDB accept modified MAP CP 0173“ Disconnections Procedure v3 and DTC CP 3382 - Notification of Physical Disconnections v3 which sought to introduce a new MRA Agreed Procedure  and Data Flow to:
  • To establish communication methods for the capture and transfer of information required by Distribution Businesses, Suppliers, Supplier Agents and MPAS agents to carry out Physical and Logical Disconnections; and
  • To define the processes relating to the passing of data between Parties to carry out Physical and Logical Disconnections.
As a consequence, both WP151 - Large Scale Disconnections and WP132 - Logical vs. Physical Disconnection and Notification to the Distributor thereof will no longer be required as a standard approach will be detailed for both Physical and Logical Disconnections in the new MAP. WPPS CP 0118 proposes to remove WP151 and WP132 which has been taken to MDB in March for Impact Assessment. WP132 contains information regarding Unmetered Supply Disconnections which the new MRA Agreed Procedure excludes. IREG are requested to discuss whether a new Working Practice is required for UMS Disconnections.

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