MIF 107 - Update to data flow D0089 to include smart data items

Current Status Closed Implementation Date 25/06/2015
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Executive Summary

On 8th November 2012, at the MDB Meeting MDB_12_19 Industry parties requested the raising of a MIF in relation to updating the data flow D0089 - “Advise Old or New Supplier of change to metering point details if any have become effective between an objection being raised or removed” with the new smart MPAD.   In the context of this flow, the rule that Smart MPAD cannot be future dated means that this data would not already be ‘pending’ during an Objection. However, it could be the case that any existing Smart MPAD may be revised, or a first smart meter installation occurs whilst an Objection is in place, and the Objection is subsequently removed. In this case, whilst the Old Supplier will know if they have changed/updated any of the smart MPAD, the New Supplier will not be told of that change. This could instances include:
  • New Supplier Registers
  • Old Supplier Objects
  • Old Supplier amends/installs SMS or DCC amends DCC Service Flag
  • Old Supplier removes Objection
  • SMS/DCC Service Flag data changed while Objection was in place and needs to be notified to N/S on a D0089.

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