MIF 58 - Use of Site Visit check codes in D0002

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Following the outcomes of a review carried out under the auspices of the SVG (an Elexon group), a Change Proposal (DTC CP 3314 Improvements to D0002) was raised by a party on 3rd September 2010. This CP was discussed at MDB_10_09, and subsequently rejected with MDB requesting that the underlying issues, which the CP sought to address, be reviewed by IREG with a view to a new CP being drafted, if appropriate. The D0002 flow is a multipurpose flow (for both the Half Hourly (HH) and Non Half Hourly (NHH) markets) used as an ‘informational flow’, a ‘Fault Resolution Report’ or as a ‘Request for decision flow on further action’ sent in response to a D0001 flow. This flexibility in the use of the flow creates operational inefficiencies and ambiguity in identifying the purpose of the flow, especially for Suppliers. Furthermore, given that D0002 Site Visit Check Codes (SVCCs) are not mandatory (D0002s in the HH market do not always contain SVCCs) and that multiple D0002s can be sent for any given situation, the purpose of the D0002 flow is made more ambiguous for Suppliers. A number of solutions have previously been proposed by both the working group which reported to SVG and by MRA parties responding to DTC CP 3314. At present there does not seem to be a clear consensus on what (if any) changes need to be made to the D0002 in order to improve clarity for parties without adversely affecting any other recipients. A solution is required that will provide further clarity and reduce manual overheads for all parties equitably, without placing undue burden on either Suppliers or Supplier Agents.

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