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MRA parties can raise Change Proposals where they identify potential amendments to the MRA and its associated products. This is completed in accordance with  MAP17 – the procedure for Issue Resolution and Change Management

The MRA Development Board (MDB) meets monthly to vote on whether Change Proposals will be implemented, and agree the timescales for implementation.

You can find useful information relating to the change process below, including the Change Proposal template, and guidance for completing change documentation, including MRA Issue Forms (or MIFs).

A timetable for future code release windows and information relating to previous windows can be accessed via MRA Change Release Information.

Please note: changes that impact Ofgem’s Switching or Retail Code Consolidation (RCC) Significant Code Review (SCR) will need to go through additional assessment and will require consent from Ofgem to proceed prior to progressing through the Change Process. Please read Guidance on raising Issues and Change Proposals during the Switching and Retail Code Consolidation SCRs and contact us to discuss your requirements and proposed timetable. We will assist you with understanding the wider impacts the proposal may have and how the Switching or RCC SCR may affect this.

To submit a Change Proposal contact