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Company group and Legal Entity mapping

The table below provides a list of current SDEP users and the Market Participant Id (MPID) and Market Role associated with their Company Group. If you need contact information for a particular MRA party please refer to the Industry Contacts Database.


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Company Name Company MPID Role
AmpowerUK IAMP Supplier
INVE Supplier
ANP Gas Supplier
Avro Energy AVRO Supplier
AVR Gas Supplier
Axis Telecom AXIS Supplier
AXI Gas Supplier
Axpo UK AXPO Supplier
EUK Gas Supplier
Bayswater Energy BAYS Supplier
BES Commercial Electricity EBES Supplier
BEN Gas Supplier
Bluebell Energy BLBL Supplier
BlueGreen ARRU Supplier
BLU Gas Supplier
BP Gas Marketing BPGM Supplier
Bristol Energy Technology & Services OSMI Supplier
BNT Gas Supplier
British Energy BERM Supplier
NELC Supplier
British Gas BGAS Supplier
BIZZ Supplier
BREZ Supplier
ECOA Supplier
EDIR Supplier
ENRD Supplier
OGAS Supplier
TILL Supplier
BGB Gas Supplier
BGT Gas Supplier
BSA Gas Supplier
TIL Gas Supplier
BTA Gas Supplier
Brook Green Trading MTRL Supplier
BRO Gas Supplier
Bruntwood Energy Services TLWD Supplier
BUN Gas Supplier
Bryt Energy BULN Supplier
Bulb Energy REGE Supplier
HBL Gas Supplier
LUME Supplier
GHL Gas Supplier
Business Power & Gas CYCL Supplier
BPO Gas Supplier
Callesti Energy Supply CALI Supplier
Ceres Energy Limited TEN Gas Supplier
CNG Electricity SLVR Supplier
Colorado Energy COL Gas Supplier
COLO Supplier
Co-operative Energy VOLT Supplier
ALTI Supplier
GBE Gas Supplier
Corona Energy THRE Supplier
CORE Supplier
Coulomb Energy Supply COUL Supplier
Crown Oil T/A Crown Gas and Power CRW Gas Supplier
CGP Gas Supplier
Delta Gas and Power LILY Supplier
Dual Energy Direct DUAL Supplier
DLE Gas Supplier
Dyce Energy PROZ Supplier
DCE Gas Supplier
E (Gas & Electricity) EGDX Supplier
LORM Supplier
EGD Gas Supplier
LMR Gas Supplier
E.ON CGEN Supplier
ECON Supplier
EELC Supplier
EENG Supplier
EMEB Supplier
EOND Supplier
EPHH Supplier
NORW Supplier
PGEN Supplier
EAS Gas Supplier
UNI Gas Supplier
KIN Gas Supplier
EMI Gas Supplier
SGL Gas Supplier
EOD Gas Supplier
TUK Gas Supplier
TUU Gas Supplier
POW Gas Supplier
Eclipse Power Networks Limited GGEN Distributor
Eco Green Management EGML Supplier
Ecotricity ECOT Supplier
RENC Supplier
REC Gas Supplier
EDF Energy COVE Supplier
LOND Supplier
SEEB Supplier
SWEB Supplier
EDFE Supplier
GANY Supplier
TOTO Supplier
LED Gas Supplier
SBR Gas Supplier
EDS Gas Supplier
Edgware Energy EDGE Supplier
Effortless Energy EFLS Supplier
EEL Gas Supplier
GOEF Supplier
GOE Gas Supplier
Electraphase ELEC Supplier
ElectroRoute Energy SAPH Supplier
EnDCo ENDC Supplier
Eneco Energy Trade ENEC Supplier
Energy Assets Networks Limited UDNL Distributor
ENGIE Power HOME Supplier
RWED Supplier
RWT Gas Supplier
VES Gas Supplier
Enstroga COMT Supplier
ERO Gas Supplier
Equinicity EQUI Supplier
ESB Energy LVDR Supplier
ESP Electricity Limited LENG Distributor
Euston Energy EUST Supplier
EED Gas Supplier
Exelon Generation EXGL Supplier
EGE Gas Supplier
F & S Energy FSEN Supplier
Farringdon Energy Ltd (T/A Champion Energy) FARR Supplier
Fischer Energy (T/A Foxglove Energy Supply Limited) FXGL Supplier
Foxglove Energy Supply Limited FOX Gas Supplier
Flexitricity FLEX Supplier
FLE Gas Supplier
Flogas Britain Ltd FGB Gas Supplier
Flow Energy CIRC Supplier
CES Gas Supplier
Fortum FORT Supplier
GLAC Supplier
Forbury Assets Limited FORB Distributor
Fulcrum Electricity Assets Ltd FEAL Distributor
Future Energy SIRO Supplier
Gazprom Marketing and Trading Retail Limited GMTR Supplier
GMTX Supplier
GMT Gas Supplier
Good Energy PURE Supplier
GOOD Supplier
GEG Gas Supplier
GOTO Energy QEEN Supplier
GTE Gas Supplier
Green Energy GNRG Supplier
GNL Gas Supplier
Green Supplier Limited VIRG Supplier
GSL Gas Supplier
Green Network Energy ZPYR Supplier
GNE Gas Supplier
GTC Infrastructure ETCL Distributor
IPNL Distributor
Gas and Power Limited (T/A Gulf Gas and Power) ROSE Supplier
GAP Gas Supplier
Harlaxton Energy Network Limited HARL Distributor
Hartree Partners POWQ Supplier
WEP Gas Supplier
Haven Power HAVE Supplier
HPOW Supplier
Home Energy SPAL Supplier
HET Gas Supplier
Hudson Energy HUDS Supplier
JERE Supplier
HUD Gas Supplier
JER Gas Supplier
Igloo Energy Supply Ltd PION Supplier
IGL Gas Supplier
IPM Energy Retail FOUR Supplier
iSupplyEnergy COOP Supplier
Keep Energy SKLN Supplier
KEP Gas Supplier
Leep Electricity Networks Limited PENL Distributor
Limejump ANGE Supplier
LIME Supplier
Logicor MARI Supplier
MA Energy MAEL Supplier
Marble Power MARB Supplier
MRB Gas Supplier
Maxen Power HAWK Supplier
MAX Gas Supplier
Mississippi Energy MISS Supplier
MoneyPlus Energy OREB Supplier
MPE Gas Supplier
Mongoose Energy BETH Supplier
Murphy Power Distribution Limited MPDL Distributor
MVV Environment LIGH Supplier
Nabuh Energy SANT Supplier
Neas Energy Limited CNDL Supplier
Neon Reef Ltd OREG Supplier
Northern Powergrid (Northeast) Limited NEEB Distributor
Northern Powergrid (Yorkshire) Plc YELG Distributor
Npower Ltd MIDE Supplier
NATP Supplier
NEEB Supplier
YELG Supplier
INDE Supplier
NDS Gas Supplier
NRZ Gas Supplier
IND Gas Supplier
YKE Gas Supplier
YGS Gas Supplier
GUK Gas Supplier
NPC Gas Supplier
CLT Gas Supplier
TCG Gas Supplier
PSS Gas Supplier
Oberon Energy OBER Supplier
Octopus Energy BCFC Supplier
CPPR Supplier
IRES Supplier
MRCY Supplier
OCT Gas Supplier
AFG Gas Supplier
Omni Energy OMNI Supplier
OMN Gas Supplier
One Wales Energy PARK Supplier
OneSelect CFWR Supplier
Opal Gas Limited OPA Gas Supplier
Opus Energy CNRG Supplier
DNRG Supplier
ENRG Supplier
FNRG Supplier
OXPO Supplier
OGS Gas Supplier
OPS Gas Supplier
Orbit Energy THLE Supplier
ORB Gas Supplier
Orsted Power MAGN Supplier
SGD Gas Supplier
OVO Energy EETL Supplier
LUMO Supplier
OVOE Supplier
LUM Gas Supplier
OVO Gas Supplier
ENY Gas Supplier
Palladium Energy PALL Supplier
People’s Energy Ltd MONT Supplier
PES Gas Supplier
PFP Energy IRID Supplier
PFE Gas Supplier
Planet9 GALE Supplier
Power4All TREX Supplier
Powershop PSUK Supplier
Pozitive Energy TNDO Supplier
PZT Gas Supplier
Pure Planet TULP Supplier
TUP Gas Supplier
Regent Gas Ltd RGN Gas Supplier
ReubenPower CROW Supplier
Robin Hood Energy EURO Supplier
RBH Gas Supplier
Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution Ltd HYDE Distributor
SOUT Distributor
Scottish Power Energy Networks SPOW Distributor
MANW Distributor
ScottishPower MANW Supplier
SPOW Supplier
CALL Supplier
SCP Gas Supplier
SCT Gas Supplier
CTO Gas Supplier
Shell Energy Retail FRST Supplier
GONG Supplier
FUZ Gas Supplier
USI Gas Supplier
NEWP Supplier
Simplicity Energy ARIZ Supplier
SPE Gas Supplier
Simply Your Energy  (T/A Entice Energy Supply Ltd) ENER Supplier
EEC Gas Supplier
ETI Gas Supplier
Verastar Ltd (T/A SINQ Power) SINQ Supplier
ECO Gas Supplier
SmartestEnergy SMAR Supplier
SMT Gas Supplier
SMN Gas Supplier
Snowdrop Energy SWDP Supplier
So Energy GESL Supplier
STL Gas Supplier
Social Energy DIRA Supplier
SES Gas Supplier
Spark Energy SPRK Supplier
SPQ Gas Supplier
Square1 Energy ALAB Supplier
Squeaky Clean Energy ESSL Supplier
SQKY Supplier
SSE Electricity HYDE Supplier
NCKL Supplier
SOUT Supplier
SWAE Supplier
SWEL Supplier
SOP Gas Supplier
STH Gas Supplier
SWL Gas Supplier
SSE Energy Supply IMPO Supplier
SHH Gas Supplier
ATL Gas Supplier
Statkraft Markets STAT Supplier
Switch Business Gas & Power TRAM Supplier
Symbio Energy SYMB Supplier
Tempus Energy (AKA Jetstream) JETS Supplier
Together Energy AZAC Supplier
EDDI Supplier
TOGO Supplier
EDD Gas Supplier
AZA Gas Supplier
Tonik Energy PILO Supplier
TONB Supplier
PIL Gas Supplier
TOB Gas Supplier
Total Gas & Power RUTH Supplier
TGPL Supplier
AAS Gas Supplier
EFG Gas Supplier
AGA Gas Supplier
Toucan Energy MINT Supplier
Tru Energy DFDL Supplier
HDL Gas Supplier
UK Healthcare Corporation (AKA D-Energi Trading Ltd.) COLG Supplier
UHC Gas Supplier
UK Power Distribution Limited UKPD Distributor
UK Power Networks Limited EELC Distributor
LOND Distributor
SEEB Distributor
UK Power Reserve UKPR Supplier
United Gas and Power SING Supplier
UGP Gas Supplier
Utilita ENGQ Supplier
EVER Supplier
GETW Supplier
RHOD Supplier
UEL Gas Supplier
UGL Gas Supplier
OUP Gas Supplier
EVR Gas Supplier
ENQ Gas Supplier
Utility Point WASH Supplier
UTL Gas Supplier
Utility Warehouse BNRG Supplier
AEL Gas Supplier
Valda Energy SCAF Supplier
SLD Gas Supplier
Vattenfall Networks Ltd VATT Distributor
Vattenfall VETS Supplier
Victory Energy RAYL Supplier
Daisy Energy Supply Ltd T/A Yorkshire Energy DESL Supplier
YNRG Supplier
DSY Gas Supplier
Western Power Distribution Plc EMEB Distributor
MIDE Distributor
SWAI Distributor
SWEB Distributor
Yu Energy KENS Supplier
Zebra Power Ltd BORE Supplier
BOR Gas Supplier
ZOG Energy Ltd ZOG Gas Supplier