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Welcome to the MRA Consultation Page.

Open and Closed Consultations will become available in this area of the website using a new online survey platform.

Open MRA Consultations

We publish open Consultations on this page.  Once the consultation has closed, it will be moved to the Closed MRA Consultations page where the Parties responses will also be found.

Closed MRA Consultations

Responses to closed MRA responses will be published here as appropriate.

MRA Responses

MRASCo monitors consultations for any impact on the MRA and MRA parties.  Where there may be an impact, MEC are informed and will respond to the consultation if there is a potential impact on the MRA, or any MRA Products.  MEC will also respond where it is felt that clarification of the provisions under the MRA may be of benefit to the consultation.  On occasion, MEC may ask sub-groups to compile a response it their behalf.

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