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MRASCo monitors consultations for any impact on the MRA and MRA parties. Where there may be an impact, MEC is informed and will respond to the consultation if there is a potential impact on the MRA, or any MRA Products. MEC will also respond where it is felt that clarification of the provisions under the MRA may be of benefit to the consultation. On occasion, MEC may ask sub-groups to compile a response on its behalf.

ConsultationResponse Date
Switching Programme: Regulation and Governance - way forward and statutory consultation on licence modifications16th November 2018
Delivering Faster and More Reliable Switching: Proposed New Switching Arrangements3rd November 2017

SDEP Access Agreement consultation

SDEP Access Agreement v0.2 post consultation


Summary of Responses to SDEP Access Agreement Consultation


Open Letters

The following open letters have been published by the Joint MIS (Market Intelligence Service) Development Group (JMDG):

JMDG Open Letter - Market Intelligence Service.pdf


JMDG Open Letter - MIS - Market Response Summary.pdf