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Welcome to the ECOES2 information page


This page provides answers to some of your questions about ECOES2. If you have a question that is not covered below please do not hesitate to get in contact with the MRASCo Central Administration Service (CAS) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also view the Pre-Release Note for ECOES2, which can be found here.


What is ECOES2?

ECOES2 will provide all the same functions and data as the current version, but via a new modern web interface.  We have designed ECOES2 in such a way that it can be readily enhanced to support additional or changed industry processes, as needs arise.



What new features will ECOES2 have?

ECOES2 will perform the same functions as current ECOES, just better! Enhancements include:

  • New modern look and feel;
  • Utilising icons to help users quickly identify attributes of an MPAN;
  • Improved navigation;
  • Allowing individual users to decide how they want to view search results;
  • Allowing individual users to decide default filters they want on their searches e.g. showing no disconnected MPANs; or only showing Domestic MPANs.
  • Better use of space e.g. combining MPID and Participant name in the same field, allowing the user to switch between the two by hovering their mouse; and
  • Improved user account management;

For a tour around ECOES2, please take a look at our demonstration video.



When will ECOES2 be launched?

Initially, each company will be invited to select a small number of Beta testers to use ECOES2 from late October 2017, ahead of everyone else.

After Beta testing, ECOES2 is being launched in two phases. Phase 1 is scheduled for 13th November 2017 and will provide these core functions:

  • Standard MPAN or address Search, and Displaying results
  • Master Admin User functionality
  • Customer Letter Generation

Users who only have access to these functions currently will migrate to ECOES2 in Phase 1.

All remaining users will migrate when Phase 2 is launched early next year.



What is Beta testing?

Beta testing will be a two-week period where a small number of LIVE users will have a user account created in ECOES2 allowing them to complete their normal work tasks using the new interface. Beta testing will be executed in a LIVE environment, with the purpose to assess ECOES2 in operational use to ensure that any niggles are ironed out before all users are migrated.



What happens if there are issues during Beta Testing which is affecting my work?

Beta Testers will continue to have access to the current ECOES interface using their existing login details, so that in the unlikely event that Beta testing raises any issues which impact on operational use the Beta testers can simply login to their exisitng current ECOES account to complete their work.



Is Beta testing compulsory?

No. Although it is strongly recommended to allow organisations help their own transition plans.



Where will Beta testing take place?

For technical reasons Beta testing will take place using the current ECOES Test Environment -

PLEASE NOTE: Despite the 'uat' URL this will be a LIVE operational environment displaying identical data to the current ECOES interface. 



How do I raise issues during Beta Testing?

Before Beta Testing commences, MRASCo CAS will contact all Beta Testers to explain the ECOES2 issue management process. An Issue Report template will be provided for Beta Testers to fill out and email to CAS.  



Will a ECOES2 user guide be provided?

Yes. A user guide will be produced for Beta Testing. A key part of Beta Testing is for testers to confirm the user guide is fit for purpose. If it's not very good, tell us!



When will my ECOES account be migrated to ECOES2?

Migration of all users eligible under Phase 1 is scheduled to take place between 13th November and 22th December 2017.

Your organisations' MRA Contract Manager will be advised a proposed migration date which will be agreed before go-live.



Will my current ECOES username and password still be used for accessing ECOES2?

Your username and password will remain the same however the first time you log in to ECOES2, you will be requested to confirm a few of your details.



What if I’m migrated to ECOES2 Phase 1 and then I need to access functions that haven’t been included yet in ECOES2?

This could be possible in exceptional circumstances. If this affects you, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can resolve any problems.



I like the current ECOES, do I have to migrate to the new version?

Yes, but we are confident that your experience of ECOES will be improved.  If not, feedback is always welcome!



Will ECOES2 have the same URL?

No. Originally this was the plan however following feedback from ECOES organisations, a specific ECOES2 URL ( will be created to access ECOES2 interface. This URL will not be operational until go-live (mid-November). 



Implementation Timetable:




ECOES organisations advised which users could be Beta testers for ECOES2



Alpha Testing (undertaken by Gemserv in UAT environment)



Alpha Testing end and Go/No-Go decision to progress to Beta Testing 06/10/2017 MRASCo

ECOES organisations to confirm to MRA CAS a final list of Beta Testers and nominated ECOES2 MAU


ECOES User organisations

Beta Testing starts (undertaken in LIVE environment by agreed industry Beta testers)


ECOES User organisations

Beta Testing end and Go/No-Go decision to progress to LIVE release 03/11/2017 ECOES User organisations
Organisations confirm migration schedule 03/11/2017 ECOES User organisations

Final Release Note published on MRASCo website



MRASCo will commence migration of eligible phase 1 users to ECOES2



All eligible phase 1 users will be migrated to ECOES2




Documents can be downloaded using the links below:

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