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Erroneous Transfer Performance Assurance Board


The Erroneous Transfer Performance Assurance Board (ETPAB) is a cross code, duel fuel sub-group of the MRA Executive Committee (MEC) and Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA) Executive Committee (EC).

Established in August 2019, the ETPAB provides a performance assurance framework which monitors individual Supplier’s compliance with the relevant ET obligations within the MRA and of the SPAA. The activities undertaken by the ETPAB are detailed within MAP 30 – The MRA Agreed Procedure for Erroneous Transfer Assurance and SPAA Schedule 44 – Erroneous Transfer Performance Assurance Board. The Board meets monthly to assess Supplier performance over a rolling 13-month period based on industry data that is also provided to Ofgem. Whilst improvement in cross-market performance is the primary objective, the ETPAB also provides an opportunity to identify potential changes in policy to address any underlying market challenges which will contribute to improving the Change of Supplier process for consumers.

Members of the ETPAB have been appointed from industry based on their detailed knowledge of industry process and provide an independent assurance role. Ofgem is also represented at the Board to observe and ensure alignment with wider but separate policy and performance enforcement being undertaken by the Regulator. All assessment is confidential with all members of the ETPAB having signed a non-disclosure agreement.

The ETPAB provides a blueprint for the assurance framework that will be established as part of the Retail Energy Code (REC) implementation. At a future point to be determined, the ETPAB will transition to the appointed REC Performance Assurance service provider.

Current Focus

The current focus of the ETPAB is on the following:

  • The number of Change of Supplier (CoS) events that result in ET’s; and,
  • Performance against the timescales defined in MAP10 – The Procedure of Resolution of Erroneous Transfers and SPAA Schedule 10 – The Procedure of Resolution of Erroneous Transfers.

After an initial period of analysis, the ETPAB is now engaging with Suppliers where performance has deviated from the industry average to better understand the operational issues that are contributing to the lower performance.

The performance assurance framework has an established methodology whereby Suppliers who continue to perform below the industry average will be asked to provide more detailed information including the corrective actions that will be taken. As part of this methodology, an escalation process has also been established which will be followed where performance improvements cannot be demonstrated over an agreed period.