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Becoming a Party to the MRA

Entry Assessment may begin once the Applicant has acceded to the MRA and BSC. After this MRASCo and Elexon will hold a Joint Planning meeting with the new entrant to discuss project timescales and provide further detail about the Market Entry processes.


Exact timings will vary depending on a number of factors and the indicative timings below should only be used as a rough guide for the completion of Entry Assessment stages:

Process StageIndicative timescale to progress
Self-Assessment Stage5 weeks
Market Scenario Testing Stage8-10 weeks (dependant on sector and experience)
Controlled Market EntryA minimum of 4 weeks

The Assurance team (assurance@gemserv.com) is responsible for managing and helping parties through the Entry Assessment process and is happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.


Access to ECOES is almost always restricted to MRA parties. Electricity Suppliers and Distribution Business will however be set up with ECOES access once Market Assurance clears a Party for Controlled Market Entry (CME) and has an MPID live in MDD. Upon completion of both stages MRASCo will instruct the ECOES Service Provider to create a Company Group for the Party.

Meter Operators, PPMIPs, Data Aggregators, Data Collectors, Meter Asset Providers and other electricity agents may also be entitled to access ECOES. Once an Agent has an MPID live in MDD MRASCo will instruct the ECOES Service Provider to create a Company Group for the Agent.

Please contact the CAS helpdesk with your details, CAS will inform the ECOES Service Provider to reset you account.

Please contact your company’s Master Admin User (MAU) to reset your password.

We are unable to provide that information however please call your local Distribution Business who can find out this information for you on:

  • Eastern – UK Power Networks – 0870 196 3082
  • East Midlands – Central Networks – 0845 603 0618
  • London – UK Power Networks – 0845 600 0102
  • N. Wales, Merseyside and Shropshire – SP Distribution – 0845 279 9101
  • West Midlands – Central Networks – 0845 603 0618
  • NE. England – Northern Power Grid – 0845 601 3268
  • NW. England – Electricity North West – 0870 751 0093
  • N. Scotland – SSE – 0870 900 9690
  • S. Scotland – SP – 0845 270 9101
  • SE. England – UK Power Networks – 0845 601 5467
  • S. England – SSE – 0870 905 0806
  • S. Wales – Western Power – 0845 601 5972
  • SW. England – Western Power – 0845 601 5972
  • Yorkshire – Northern Power Grid – 0845 330 0889

Data in ECOES is a reflection of that held in Registration Systems and as such must be corrected ‘at source’. This correction should be initiated by your current Supplier.

MRASCo cannot make any changes to ECOES, this is a MOPs responsibility to ensure changes to ECOES are made.

This is determined on a case by case basis. Assuming the CAS accepts the request, the applicant and the CAS will agree the proposed terms of access and costs and charges. This will include costs for admin, data access, audit and any bespoke reports or extracts which need to be created. The agreed terms and costs will be subject to MEC agreement.

Non-domestic customer applications are processed on a case by case basis. Please visit www.ecoes.co.uk and click “are you a non-domestic customer” to complete the application (including two non-domestic MPANs). Please then post the application to the address listed on the form.

Applicants should note that the process can typically take up to 10 weeks. There are seven steps to the application and access process, which are:

  1. Initial application
  2. Initial CAS assessment
  3. Agreement of terms for access or data provision (including charges)
  4. MEC approval
  5. Licence terms agreed and signed
  6. Initial audit completed
  7. Access or data provided

ECOES (the Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service) is funded by electricity suppliers and distributors and governed under the Master Registration Agreement (MRA). ECOES was designed to assist Suppliers in the customer transfer process by allowing the triangulation of data; it is also used to provide benefit to MRA parties in other key areas.

Change Process

Any MRA party, Formal MRA Meeting or Gemserv can submit a Change Proposal (CP). To submit a CP please complete the Change Proposal form and email it to meetings.MDB@gemserv.com.

This varies depending on the nature of change. A Change Proposal takes a minimum of two months to be approved by the MRA Development Board upon raise however all but urgent changes to the GDCC, ECOES or Central Systems usually have a lead time of 6 months before implementation.

All changes awaiting implementation are listed within the Monthly Product Timetable. This can be found on the MRASCo website under the “Change Page” section and “Implementation Timetable” sub-section

Where a Party feels they have encountered a problem relating to processes governed under the MRA, but are unsure of if or how to progress a potential change, it may present an issue to the Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) to seek guidance.


DTC flows are sent between market participants over the Data Transfer Network. The DTC accommodates the inter-operational exchange of information enabling effective interface between industry participants.

The current version of the Data Transfer Catalogue is available online, to view it click here.

The Master Registration Agreement is the multi-party agreement between all licensed electricity Distribution Businesses and Suppliers. It sets out terms for the provision of Metering Point Administration Services (MPAS Registrations), and procedures in relation to the Change of Supplier to any premise/metering point.

The MRA Service Company (MRASCo)is a joint-venture company established and maintained by all MRA parties. Its role is to administer the MRA and undertake any development activities required by the UK electricity retail processes under the scope of the Agreement.

Green Deal

If you would like to find out more information or if you have any queries about the GDCC, email the helpdesk at gdcc@gemserv.com or call 020 7090 1068.

Approved Green Deal Providers, GDAA Finance Parties, Licensees, Remittance Processors and Distribution Businesses.

It is a database that contains all the charging information relating to Green Deal Plans. Green Deal Providers, Licensees and Remittance Processors will need access to the GDCC in order to set up and amend Green Deal Plans.

To receive all MRA changes and information relating to Green Deal matters you may wish to apply to become a Green Deal Industry Participant (GDIP). Please take a took at the ‘Becoming a Green Deal Interested Participant (GDIP)’ sub-section in the Green Deal area of the website here.

Once you have been approved as a Provider by the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body, have acceded to the GDAA and have a ‘live’ MPID, you will be able to gain access to the database. The Access Application and Access Agreements are found on the ‘GDCC Access’ page of the MRASCo Green Deal webpage.

It usually takes six to eight weeks. You can check submission deadlines and release dates on the Elexon website.

Please visit the ‘GDCC Access Page’ on the Green Deal section of the MRASCo website for more information. Applicants are required to submit a GDFM1 or GDFM2 form (depending on if you are a new or existing market participant) to the GDCC@heldesk.com. Once you have been allocated an MPID you will be able to gain access to the Green Deal Central Charge (GDCC) database.

A Market Participant ID, or MPID, is 4 letter code denoting a market participant held in MDD at Elexon.

The MRA Service Company (MRASCo) looks after the Green Deal Central Charge (GDCC) database.


You can request for your password to be reset by visiting the Forgotten Password page.

Access to the MRASCo website member area is only granted to MRA Parties. If your company is an MRA Party, your MRA Contract Manager can grant you access.  If you need help with your access please contact the MRA Helpdesk.

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