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Faster Switching Data Cleanse

The Faster Switching Data Cleanse is driven by Ofgem’s open letter to industry for near-term improvements, which require cleansing of Plot Addresses and Meter Technical Details to improve the quality of  data ahead of the implementation of the Central Switching Service.

The Switching Programme Data Working Group is the main governance meeting for the Data Cleanse. This group is responsible for approving the report criteria and associated cleansing milestones.

The Related MPAN Sub-group is a technical meeting aimed at those who are completing the cleansing activity for their company. This group offers the opportunity for Industry to discuss cleansing issues with peers and the Switching Programme.

For more information on these meetings please contact: or contact your companies Faster Switching representative.

To support the cleanse, a number of reports are generated and issued to Industry to guide them in highlighting the data quality issues. Information on the reports can be found in the Data Cleanse Report Guidance v5.2 document, this includes the relevant Switching Programme milestones related to achieving the cleanse.

For parties who have not previously engaged and wish to have access to their company’s reports an email should be sent to with the name and email address of the person(s) who require access.