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About the Green Deal

The Green Deal is a Government initiative that allows consumers to make energy efficiency improvements to their homes, community spaces, and businesses at no initial upfront cost.

The scheme works by costs of energy efficiency improvements being recouped through instalments that are collected in the energy bill for the property. This means that a bill payer will only be responsible for payments whilst living at the property.

For more general information on the Green Deal please see the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body (ORB) website.

The Role of the MRA in Green Deal Implementation

Via its service provider Gemserv, the MRA Service Company (MRASCo) has the role of ensuring that required changes to the MRA, and its products, support the ongoing delivery of the Government initiative the Green Deal.

The Green Deal Central Charge® (GDCC) Database

To support the collection of Green Deal monies from customers by electricity Suppliers, (on behalf of Green Deal Providers), the Standard Conditions of the Electricity Supply Licence were amended (with effect from 1st August 2012), to require that licensees must, under the MRA (Clause 55 and Schedule 15), establish and maintain a ‘Central Charge Database’.

The MRA Executive Committee (MEC) established the MRA Green Deal Project to facilitate the delivery of changes to the MRA and associated products. This included the implementation of a Green Deal Central Charge® database and application set (“the GDCC”) in order to fulfil MRA parties’ obligations.

For more information on the GDCC Database, please see the GDCC page.