Becoming a Green Deal Interested Participant (GDIP) »

Becoming a Green Deal Interested Participant (GDIP)

A GDIP status enables companies who either provide or intend to provide services to the GB electricity market to have access to the Master Registration Agreement (MRA) and its documentation related to Green Deal Matters.

Being a  GDIP also enables a party to raise MRA issues or changes in respect of Green Deal Matters.

Pre-requisites for Becoming a GDIP

The necessary pre-requisite for becoming a GDIP is to possess an MPID and Green Deal Role Code issued by ELEXON (please see the Accessing the GDCC page for more information).

Process for Becoming a GDIP

Applicationthe company applies to MRASCo, in writing, sending a completed IIP Application Form and two signed copies of the Confidentiality Agreement. Completed applications and signed Confidentiality Agreements should be sent to:
MRASCo, 8 Fenchurch Place, London, EC3M 4AJ.
ProcessingGemserv, on behalf of MRASCo, receives and distributes the application and copies of the signed Confidentiality Agreements to MEC.
MEC AssessmentMEC may accept or reject the application, or request further information before making a decision
MRA DocumentationApproved GDIPs will be added to the MRA GDIP distribution list to receive regular product updates and all correspondence relating to Green Deal Change Proposals.

GDIP Entitlements

GDIPs are entitled to provide Impact Assessment responses for any MRA Change Proposal relating to the Green Deal.

Subject to MEC agreement, GDIPs may also nominate a representative and an alternate for membership of Green Deal Expert Group (GDEG).