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GDCC Compliance Statement Audit Report

The Report, as set out in Grant Thornton UK LLP’s letter dated 13 January 2016, has been prepared solely in accordance with terms of engagement agreed by the directors of MRA Service Company Limited (“the Directors”) with Grant Thornton UK LLP and for the sole use of MRA Service Company Limited (“MRASCo”). The Report must not be relied upon by MRASCo for any other purpose whatsoever and must not be relied on by Third Parties for any purpose whatsoever. Grant Thornton UK LLP has, exceptionally, agreed to permit the disclosure of the Report on the MRASCo website, in full only to enable Third Parties to verify that a report by a firm of auditors has been commissioned as required by clause 7.3 of the Green Deal Central Database Access Agreement. Grant Thornton UK LLP neither owes nor accepts any duty to Third Parties and shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense of whatsoever nature which is caused by their reliance on this Report. Should any Third Party choose to rely on this Report, they will do so at their own risk. Any actions taken by Third Parties must be on the basis of their own independent advice. This Report must not be recited or referred to in whole or in part in any other document and must not be made available, copied or recited to any Third Party without Grant Thornton UK LLP express written permission.


By ticking the box below, you agree and accept that your access to the Report is strictly subject to the terms and conditions set out above that apply to access to the Report by a Third Party.


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