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Green Deal Central Charge® Database (GDCC)

The process of managing information related to the collection and remittance of Green Deal charges between Green Deal Licensees (i.e. Electricity Suppliers) and Green Deal Providers is facilitated by the GDCC.

GDCC Secretariat

MRASCo has two main functions in its role as Secretariat for the GDCC:

  1. To fulfil the role of coordinator between authorised users of the GDCC; and
  2. To manage the Technical interface to the GDCC.

Key functions of this role include:

  • Coordinating Green Deal MPID applications for processing by the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Agent;
  • Processing GDCC User Access Agreements;
  • Maintaining up to date Green Deal Market Data;
  • Liaising with the Technical Service Provider to maintain GDCC functionality; and
  • Providing a technical helpdesk for users.

Access to the GDCC

The GDCC Database and the data held within are expressly provided to support the obligations and requirements established under Clause 55 and Schedule 15 of the MRA.

Green Deal Market Participants and other interested parties who utilise the GDCC for activities directly related to the processes and procedures governed under the MRA in regard to the Green Deal are required to sign the MRASCo Access Agreement.

Please see the Accessing the GDCC page for more information.

The “Enabled Users of the GDCC” can be found in this document. This list is updated each month to reflect newly enabled users of the GDCC.

GDCC Functionality

MRA Agreed Procedure 18 – GDCC (MAP18) is the document which governs the processes, procedures and interactions of the GDCC.

The functions of the GDCC permit:

  • Registering of a Green Deal Plan;
  • Recording of relevant data for each Green Deal Plan;
  • Updates to relevant data by organisations as set out in MAP18, including the validation of such data;
  • Information exchange between relevant GDCC users as set out in MAP18, which information shall include confirmations and rejections as well as data exchange;
  • Production of reports including, but not limited to, those listed in section 8 of MAP18;
  • Monitoring of use and performance of the GDCC and escalation of potential; and
  • Access to data records, flows, logs and any other relevant information as may reasonably be expected or required under any audit pursuant to the MRA.

Below you will find the GDCC URS and the GDCC User Guide:

GDCC R17.0 - User Requirement Specification v1.0 FINAL


GDCC Web Interface User Guide for General Users v17.0