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Meter Operator Guidance on the new D0312 process:

The process for sending meter information is changing from June 28th 2019. The changes will require Meter Operators and Suppliers to make changes to their systems and processes. It will also require them to deal with a new set of D0312 and D0304 rejection codes.

D0312 and D0304 Guidance for MOps and Suppliers


Secure Communications Working Group Telephone Guidance Document:

This guidance document has been created to ensure there is a consistent approach in dealing with cross party queries where it has been deemed appropriate to resolve an escalation via a telephone conversation.

The Telephone Verification Guidance document introduces suggested verification questions to be used when ascertaining identities prior to disclosing personal data via telephone as formal guidance under the MRA.

It was agreed by Secure Communications Work Group (SCWG) that industry standards could be improved by introducing verification questions aimed at assisting industry parties in confirming the identification of industry parties requesting information via telephone.

Telephone Verification Guidance


Supplier guidance on populating the D0142 Dataflow – Request for Installation or Change to a Metering System Functionality or the Removal of All Meters:

The purpose of the D0142 Dataflow is to request and/or provide information on a meter whether that is to allow for removal, replacement or installation of a meter.  This document explains to suppliers how the D0142 should be completed in both HH and NHH Markets.

Supplier guidance on populating the D0142 Dataflow