Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) update December 2016

IREG met on 14th December 2016 and discussed the following:

MIF 197 Mandating the secure sending of data via the DTC

IREG reviewed the drafting of a number of change proposals associated to ensuring data is sent securely across the Data Transfer Network (DTN). These included:

  • MAP09 (Standard Address Format): the group felt that the sending of a new Data Flow, similar in kind to the D0131 (Metering Point Address Details), could be used to advise the Distribution Businesses of the existing and proposed address information. The recipient Distribution Businesses could then accept or reject. MAP and DTC Change Proposals will be required for MAP09; and the new Data Flow and Data Item/s.
  • MAP12 (Agreed Procedure for Customer Requested and Co-operative Objections): the group considered some drafting and agreed to obtain more information around process and volumes.

It agreed a number of amendments and a final review for both MAP’s will take place at January 2017 meeting.

MIF 198 Procedure for the Assignment of Debt in Relation to Prepayment Metering

IREG reviewed the latest drafting of MAP13 (Procedure for the Assignment of Debt in Relation to Prepayment Meters) and noted that it would be beneficial to update the documentation to utilise the latest version released in November 2016.

IREG also recommended a number of changes to the drafting of Change Proposals and to look at best fit for the MRA changes that will be needed. IREG agreed to review the recommendations at the January 2017 meeting.


IREG will next meet on 11th January 2017.