Assurance June 2015 Update

The Market Assurance team continues to provide a wide range of services. In June:

  • We held meetings with four applicants;
  • One Supplier completed Controlled Market Entry and was approved by the MRA Entry Process Board (MEPB) to operate unrestricted in the Half-Hourly market sector;
  • One Supplier applied to operate within Controlled Market Entry and was approved by the MEPB;
  • We continued to worked with external and internal stakeholders to assess the impact and possible next steps for the implementation of P272;
  • The MEPB approved a paper for a possible re-qualification and this will be delivered to MEC in July;
  • We discovered a breach to the MRA during CME and reported this to MEC;
  • Six suppliers received MEPB approval to operate under the conditions of Controlled Market Entry.
MRA Assessment Service June 2015 Statistics
In Entry Assessment 10
Pending Entry Assessment 29
In Controlled Market Entry 14
Pending Controlled Market Entry 15
Re-Qualification 0