Assurance July 2015 Update

The Market Assurance team continues to provide a wide range of services. In July, they:

  • Worked closely with applicants at various stages of Entry
  • Arranged a site visit to view an applicant’s systems prior to MST, this was successful and MEPB approved their entry into MST.
  • Held one joint planning meeting with Elexon for market entry.
  • Began investigations for a change that could possibly lead to re-qualification for Distribution Businesses.
  • Attended a CME exit audit, the results of which will be
    communicated to MEPB members.

In addition to this, MEC declared the change to the Metering Point Administration Service (MPAS) as material and a re-qualification is required for Distribution Businesses.

MRA Assessment Service July 2015 Statistics
In Entry Assessment 11
Pending Entry Assessment 29
In Controlled Market Entry 14
Pending Controlled Market Entry 15
Re-Qualification 0