Assurance September 2015 Update

In September, the Assurance Team:

  • Worked closely with 8 applicants at various stages of Entry Assessment
  • Sent four Controlled Market Entry Proposal’s to MEPB member for approval
  • Held three meetings/conference calls with new and upcoming applicants
  • Attended one joint planning meeting for a new applicant.
  • Continued investigation on a possible upcoming re-qualification
  • Attended one Controlled Market Entry exit audit, the results of which have been communicated to MEPB members
  • MEC declared the changes to the Measurement Classes (P300) as a Material Change (as defined in the MRA) and Amendments to the Refresh Interface between MPAS and the DCC was previously declare as a Material Change. As a result, we will be carrying out a Re-Qualification on all MPAS providers.
MRA Assessment Service Sep Stats
In Entry Assessment 8
Pending Entry Assessment 33
In Controlled Market Entry 15
Pending Controlled Market Entry 13
Re-Qualification 0