Dedicated Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) December Update

IREG met on Monday 14th December 2015 for a dedicated discussion regarding the Debt Assignment Protocol (DAP).

IREG discussed a number of proposed changes to MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) 13, identified in the impact assessment comments provided by MRA Parties for Solution Pre-assessment Forms (SPFs) 0091 and 0094.

IREG agreed to make the following changes to MAP13:

  • Populated examples of each Data Flow;
  • Integrating the Point Of Acquisition Model, which has been developed by a specialist work group arranged by Energy UK;
  • Removing a number of outdated references and appendices; and
  • Removing reference to encryption of Data Flows in Appendix E.

IREG also recommended that the newly established MRA Security Committee reviews the method for sending DAP Data Flows, to identify the appropriate method for sending the Flows and whether they should be encrypted.

Finally, IREG agreed to issue a Request For Information (RFI) on a number of potential amendments to MAP13. which were discussed at the meeting. IREG will review responses to the RFI and updated drafting for MAP13 on 10th February 2015.

IREG will next meet on 13th January 2016.