ECOES has transformed…

As I’m sure you are aware, we have recently bid a fond farewell to one of the cornerstones of the electricity industry, ECOES1. MRASCo chose to create a new iteration of the system in order to create a better interface for the user, developing a more intuitive system which worked better for the industry’s needs. But we couldn’t let it go off into retirement without telling you some of the systems greatest achievements.

Since the beginning of ECOES launch 16 years ago (that’s an incredible 5,902 days), it has served over 0.3 billion searches (356,597,058 to be precise) and revolutionised the energy industry, touching almost every process across every company in the sector.

And while we say goodbye to an old friend, you’ll be pleased to know that it has now been superseded by ECOES2 following a phased implementation of its 40,000 users* and ending ECOES1 at midnight on 3rd December 2018. With greater functionality, an improved look and more freedom for allowing individuals to decide how they want to view search results. It’s a versatile system which can be adapted when needs arise, which is extremely important in the advent of industry change.

ECOES2 will have equal if not more success and impact across the electricity industry and will help the industry manage both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.


*Accurate as of 3rd December 2018