GDEG Update: July 2018

GDEG met on 12th July 2018 and discussed the following topics:

GDPR Update of the GDAA and MRA

IREG discussed that the new drafting of the GDAA and the MRA relating to GDPR was with the Lawyers and awaiting feedback.

MIF 260 – The Green Deal Complaints and Plan Write Off Process

GDEG identified that it would be useful for Suppliers to be sent through a list of Open and Closed complaints from Finance Companies, (if a complaint was closed, should note what had been agreed with the customer). GDEG agreed that this process should be used for all complaints relating to Green Deal.

GIF 0035 – Incorrect MPANs for Green Deal Plans

GDEG noted that the root cause for this issue was the Green Deal Provider proving the wrong MPAN when the plan was set up. GDEG highlighted that the current process was to cancel the plan with the incorrect MPAN, restart the plan with the correct data, then start billing the correct customer from the date of when the new and correct plan had started. GDEG agreed that this was the best course of action to take as they were all historic instances. GDEG agreed to close this GIF .

GIF 0036 – GDCC Removal of old ‘new and pending’ plans on behalf of Green Deal Providers.

GDEG noted that there was currently no process in place to allow Providers to cancel the historic outstanding plans at New or Pending status on the GDCC. GDEG agreed that a new clause needed to be added in the GDAA, as until then Providers had no easy way of cancelling the plans affected. GDEG agreed that a GDAA Change Proposal should be raised. GDEG noted that GDCC CAS would need to investigate separately what options the GDCC could do technically to cancel the plans affected.

GDCC Outage

GDEG discussed the recent problems with the GDCC not being able to connect to the England and Wales Non-Domestic Register for over a week. It was noted that a fix had been implemented and now the GDCC skips connecting to this Register. GDEG noted that during the outage, all Data Flows sent in were stacked and have been processed since the GDCC was back up and running.