GDEG Update: May 2018

Green Deal Expert Group (GDEG) met on 10th May 2018 and discussed the following topics MRA Issue Forms (MIF), Green Deal Issue Forms (GIF) and Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) Change Proposals (CPs):

MIF 260 – The Green Deal Complaints and Plan Write Off Process

GDEG agreed to aid the development to improve visibility for Green Deal Licensees in knowing when a Green Deal complaints has been received by Green Deal Providers or Finance Parties as it would help aid customer experience in all parties knowing a complaint has been raised. Green Deal Arrangement Agreement (GDAA) Finance parties and Providers agreed to investigate how to share the required information regarding the complaint with the Green Deal Licensee. With General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) being implemented, need to find a suitable way to pass the customers information on.

GIF 0034 (New for Opening and Closing Statements)

GDEG noted that the revised wording developed had been sent on to Parties to provide feedback.

GIF 0035 – MPANS for Green Deal Plans

GDEG discussed GIF 0035 and the ways to resolve the issue. GDEG agreed that the current resolution being used (Cancelling the Green Deal plan with the incorrect Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) and re-starting with a new plan and the correct MPAN) was the best way to resolve the issue, however more investigation was required to understand why the incorrect MPAN was set up.

DTC CP 3538 (Replace existing flow notes for Green Deal flows with reference to the GDCC Operational Procedures)

GDEG considered DTC CP 3538 and to help aid this process, it was agreed that the Green Deal Operational Procedures should be more visible on the MRASCo website to help all parties.