Gemserv event: NIS Regulation Breakfast Briefing

Please note, this event is not affiliated to the MRA.

For tens of thousands of people, the last weekend in May 2017 proved to be one they’d rather forget. A power failure at a British Airways data centre led to more than 650 flights being cancelled and chaos at many airports.

The incident was a timely example of the kind of disruption to essential services which the recently implemented Network and Information Systems (NIS) Regulation aims to reduce the risk of.

Attacks on essential services pose a risk of significant damage and disruption to the UK’s infrastructure and economy, and the NIS looks to bring a greater degree of scrutiny and accountability to policies, procedures and practices employed by organisations in protecting their systems and their data.

For many, the NIS Regulation is still in its infancy and Gemserv wants to assist organisations by hosting a free information session aimed at providing some background, help businesses to establish whether they are an operator of essential services and demonstrate how the NIS will impact supply chains. We thought that this event would be very relevant to you and wanted to share it with you. Please do feel free to share this with your colleagues if you feel it will be relevant.

The event will take place on 6th September 2018, 8:30-11:30 am at the Gemserv offices. To register for Gemserv’s upcoming event you can use the link below: