Green Deal Expert Group (GDEG) June 2015 Update

The GDCC Operator will now be charging a Rectification Fee for requests made to GDCC CAS to amend GDCC Data. In accordance with Clause 9.2 of the GDCC Access Agreement v2.0, this Data Rectification fee will not exceed £200 per request to amend data. Please note that notification of the charge will be made to parties before the
request is processed.


GDCC Release 09.0 is due to be implemented on 5th November 2015. There are currently three changes proposed for inclusion in Release.


A GDCC Training Day was held on the 1st July 2015. The training included an introduction to the MRA and GDCC, as well as an interactive session on interpreting data flows.


The next GDEG meeting will be held on the 7th July 2015.


If you have any Green Deal related questions please contact us via .