Green Deal Expert Group (GDEG) March 2017 Update

GDEG met on 9th March 2017 and discussed the following:

GDEG Terms of Reference

GDEG noted the new Terms of Reference for the joint GDEG and Panel Technical Sub-Committee (PTSC). The joint meeting followed a request from the Green Deal Arrangements Agreement (GDAA) Panel and was approved by MEC.

Un-progressed plans due to unsigned Access Agreements

GDEG noted several parties had not resigned GDCC Access Agreements. These parties have had their access to the GDCC withdrawn. The group noted that this leaves a number of Green Deal Plan at various status’s which cannot be progressed due to the fact there is no “Provider of Last Resort” under the Green Deal Arrangements. The group agreed to review the various positions to clarify each position to enable further discussions to be had. GDEG also noted that although plans may have been re-assigned to GDFC under the GDAA, Green Deal Providers are still the legal entity. Any of those parties who are in administration should had a liquidator appointed to deal with any obligations.

Outstanding Green Deal Issues Forms (GIF’s)

GIF0025 – Early Repayment Outstanding Considerations

The group believed that this issue has been discussed at length at GDAA Panel. GDEG recommended to propose to close the GIF.

GIF0026 – Arrears and Dunning Process Issues

The group felt that this should be closed off but clarity needs to be obtained from the raiser as to whether they believe all issues have been covered off.

GIF0029 – Green Deal Plan Application Process Improvements

GDEG noted that a change is currently in train for to the GDAA however it may be required for any subsequent amendments. GDEG recommended that it would be useful to check with the raiser as to whether they want to close it off or not.


GDFC discussed a number of Requests for Information (RFI’s) which they believe would help the end to end processes and enable themselves to process data and interactions more swiftly. GDEG noted that changes to the GDAA and MRA would be required as the obligations are to send Data Flows via the Data Transfer Network. GDEG discussed whether system errors were the main cause for delay or whether this was caused by avoidable human errors. GDEG noted that any changes proposed their preference would be to avoid updating Data Flow information as that would impact all parties not just GDFC.

Joint Issue Tracker

GDEG reviewed the Joint Issue Tracker, which will be used to track MRA Issue Forms (MIFs) and GIFs and which will be used in meetings and papers. The tracker will be updated after GDEG and GDAA Panel feedback and the excel version will be placed on Huddle.


Next Meeting

GDEG will next meet on 11th May 2017.