Green Deal Expert Group (GDEG) May 2015 Update

GDEG met on 14th May
2015 and agreed a
solution to change to the
functionality of the
GDCC, in order to cater
for Change of Supplier
events occurring for
Green Deal Plans at a
status of ‘NEW’. The
GDAA Panel Secretary
will be informed of the
progression of the
resolution of the issue, as
discussed at GDAA
Performance Report
Workshop held in May.
MEC have agreed to
reschedule the
implementation of
GDCC Release R09.0 to
5th November 2015, as
no changes were
identified as being
required for implementation
on 26th June 2015.
A GDCC Training Day,
open to all MRA parties,
will be held on the 1st
July 2015. The training will
include an introduction
to the purpose of the
GDCC and a brief
overview of the MRA, as
well as an interactive
session on interpreting
Data Flows.
If you have any Green
Deal related questions
please contact us via .