Issue Resolution Group (IREG) May 2015 Update

IREG met on 13th May 2015 and discussed the following:
Populating the ASC in ECOES
MIF158 was raised in July 2014 and IREG has since developed four solutions for updating
Maximum Capacity information in ECOES. During development discussions, two Requests for
Information (RFIs) were circulated before the group agreed obligations under DCUSA
needed to be considered before progression with a technical solution. The issue was
subsequently raised under DCUSA and a further RFI was issued.
IREG agreed to close MIF158 and noted that any further investigation into this issue would
be carried out under DCUSA.
MIF171 – Amendments to J0583 – Key Charging Machine Number
MIF171 looks to extend the length and logical format of Data Item J0583 due to Network
Service Providers’ (NSPs) decrease of available unique vend location IDs. IREG voiced
concerns about the solution and requested further details from the Prepayment Meter Forum
(PPMF), including whether 8 digits were already in use, if they were reusing the numbers
and also if an alternative solution of changing the logical format to alphanumeric could be
MIF170 – Amendments to MAP10: Dual initiation of ETs
MIF170 sought views from IREG regarding the process to be adopted when both the old
and new Supplier had initiated Erroneous Transfers (ETs) for the same site. IREG agreed that
both requests should be responded to, however Suppliers should first check whether an ET
has been raised for a site before an ET is instigated. IREG agreed that a Change Proposal
should be raised to amend MAP10 to ensure Suppliers check whether a D0301 Data Flow
has already been sent.
MIF172 – Erroneous Transfer Escalations
MIF172 looks to address the escalation procedure outlined within MAP10, as there is
currently no timescale for a Contract Manager to respond to an escalated query. IREG
agreed that a 10WD timescale should be detailed within MAP10 for Contract Managers to
respond to an ET.
MIF173 – Change of Supplier Chains with at least one ET
MIF173 was raised to seek views from IREG to determine a process when complex ETs occur
that include more than two Suppliers. IREG noted complex scenarios were a rare occurrence
and could not be dealt with over the Data Transfer Network (DTN); however, Suppliers
should resolve such occurrences via bi-lateral/multi-lateral agreements. As a result, IREG
agreed to expand MAP10 and raise a change into the MRA Change Process.
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