IREG Headline Report – April 2021

IREG met on 14th April 2021 and discussed the following MRA Issue Forms (MIFs) and Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) changes.

MIF322 – Sending Automated Communications on the SDEP

IREG were advised that the Impact Assessment (IA) had been finalised with the Technical Service Provider (TSP). It was advised that the change had been discussed with RECCo and Ofgem at a meeting on 13th April 2021/ IREG were advised that RECCo had requested further information regarding the change which Gemserv were preparing to send this on. It was highlighted that MEC approval for funding the change would be sought at its April 2021 meeting.

MIF343 – Data Accuracy Issues in Relation to the Domestic Premises Indicator

IREG were advised that the options for resolution had been presented to the DWG on 17th March 2021. It was advised that Gemserv and Ofgem were engaging with the DCC in order to identify which option was viable. A further update would be presented to DWG at its meeting on 21st April 2021 and the outcome of the discussions would be presented to IREG at its meeting in May 2021.

MIF342 – Erroneous Transfers Never Responded to or Cancelled

IREG noted the proposed changes to MAP10 and the J01672 Data Item. IREG agreed that the completion of the additional information section of J01672 Data Item could potentially be mandated within MAP10 to limit the misuse of the Data Item. IREG discussed the timescales for releasing the change under the REC and agreed that Gemserv would discuss the approach with Ofgem before progressing.

MIF341 – MAP10 and MAP08 Telephone Escalations

IREG discussed if the change would be worth progressing as the MAP would be redrafted under the REC and any drafting added now could potentially be removed from the REC. It was advised that there had been telephone guidance created and previously agreed which would be issued to parties.

MIF344 – Ability to Re-Assign Contract Manager Query within SDEP

IREG were provided with an overview of the MIF, advised that the aim was to allow the MRA Contract Manager to reassign SDEP communications to the correct internal person/department to save time resolving a query. IREG were supportive of the change and discussed the implementation of the change under the REC.  It was advised that an Impact Assessment (IA) would be sought from the Technical Service Provider (TSP)

MIF340 – Bulk Change of ECOES User Information

IREG were advised that the draft version of the requirements had been sent to the Proposer for review on 14th April 2021, feedback of which would be discussed at the May 2021 IREG meeting.

MIF338 – Related MPAN Definition

IREG were advised that there was not much more progression for this MIF now that the Energy UK document had been circulated to all MRA parties. IREG were informed that the Related MPAN definition would need to be written in plain English and available all in one place within REC v3. The MIF was closed.

MIF339 – Related MPAN Erroneous Transfers

IREG were advised that a sentence had been added to v2 of the MIF advising that when discussing a Related MPAN only the Primary MPAN is sent in order to avoid confusion, drafting was also added clarifying Debt Assignment Protocol (DAP) arrangements. The group were updated that the intention was for this to be a change to be made to REC v3 so that the solution was released alongside CSS.

MIF345 – Mandate Sending of UTRN from Losing Supplier to Gaining Supplier if Smart PAYG Meter is Non-Comms on CoS

IREG were provided with an initial view of the MIF which looks to understand if it is of benefit to the customer for the Unique Transaction Reference Number (UTRN) to be automatically sent on a Change of Supplier (CoS) loss as part of the process mandating a losing Supplier to send a message to the gaining Supplier to update them that the switch from Pay as you go to credit has failed. IREG discussed the issue and suggested solution and were unsure if the issue was common enough to warrant a large change. The Chair suggested that an RFI could be issued to help quantify the size of the problem. The Proposer advised that they would discuss the progression of the issue with Gemserv ex-committee.