IREG November Update 2018

IREG met on 14th November 2018 and discussed the following MRA Issue Forms (MIFs) and Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) changes:

MIF219 – Full review of Working Practice Product Set

IREG considered whether to continue to progress with the MIF. It noted that new entrants and those not engaged at IREG are likely to follow the Working Practices (WPs) and may not understand what is now redundant or covered elsewhere. As such, it agreed:

  • To draft Change Proposals (CPs) for all WPs that could be deleted due to redundancy; or that have already been captured as processes elesewhere.
  • To consider all WPs that would be progressed through changes to the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC).

MIF280 – Clearing IHD Install Status in MPAS/ECOES following smart to dumb meter exchange


  • noted that the Proposer has closed the MIF; and
  • asked that the ECOES User Guide is updated to highlight that there will be inconsistencies in the meter data in these instances due to no change being progressed.

MIF281 – Crossed Meters

IREG discussed the reason for raising this process as a new MIF. It was noted that the Proposer will amend the MIF to include proposed process changes that had been discussed with Ofgem; and include other considerations the Proposer was unable to include at the time. A V2.0 of the MIF will be considered at the December 2018 meeting.

MIF282 – ECOES Change Process

IREG walked through the process for ECOES changes. It was noted that there are two types of ECOES changes: those which are tied to other MRA Product changes; and those that relate to userability and security of the system. It noted that MAP17 (Issues Resolution and Change Management) covers the ECOES change process. This is overseen by the MRA Development Board (MDB); however, it had delegated the decision making to IREG. As IREG has delegated authority from MDB, it was agreed that it should be discussed at MDB for decision.

ECOES Test Plan (MIF271, MIF274 and MIF276)

IREG agreed with the recommendations proposed for ECOES testing IREG’s requested whether an educational video for Users of the changes could be developed.


IREG discussed the drafting set out and agreed the changes on the ECOES User Requirements Specification (URS) for the June 2019 Release. These changes are to support the suite of changes approved by MDB for faster switching.

Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 12th December.