IREG Update September 2017

MIF215 – Metering Commission Flow

ELEXON has confirmed that this will be progressed to Change Proposal (CP) with the aim of submitting to September’s MRA Development Board (MDB).

MIF219 – Accuracy of Working Practice Product Set (WPPS)

  • Working Practice (WP) 45 (NHH Metering – Timing of when D0052 may be sent), WP61 (Content of D0148 between a Supplier and its Agents) and WP74 (Use of D0010 and J0171 on a Change to Metering System Configuration) have been cross-checked against the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Procedures (BSCPs) by ELEXON, and are satisfactorily included. The CPs to remove the WPs will be progressed.
  • WP75 (Use of ‘Date and Time’ in D0010 for HH Market) – a request for information (RFI) was inconclusive on where the rules should be moved to and parties confirmed that either would achieve the aim. The Proposer will raise their preferred solution as a CP.
  • A draft solution was presented for WP129 (Usage of DTC flow D0290 “Instruction to Read Meter” (DP to DR)) and it was agreed that it should progress to CP.
  • WP16 deferral by MDB will be discussed at IREG 17_10.
  • It was also agreed that towards the conclusion of this MRA Issue (MIF), a CP will be raised to add a contents section to the beginning of the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) Annex C (‘Rules for the completion of Data Flows), to allow easier usage and navigation of the document.
  • The next WPs to be reviewed will be WP144 (The use of Site Visit check codes 02 and 20), WP150 (Advanced Meters: Auxiliary Metering Information) and WP6 (Determining the Meter Reading on Change of Supplier (MRoCoS)).

MIF225 – Update on legal counsel for Intellectual Property drafting

Gemserv advised that this is pending response from the lawyer on the clarification questions, therefore was not discussed.

MIF231 – ECOES Search Facility

Following the feedback from IREG, the MRA Security Committee (MSC) has requested that the report that shows the levels of searches is re-run to allow a further assessment of the cap numbers. IREG will await further output from MSC.

MIF232 – Issue with Suppliers sending D0135 to Distribution Companies

Following the results of an RFI, the Proposer directed that this MIF be closed as it was confirmed that Suppliers can populate the 60H group of the D0135. Any D0135s received by the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) from the Supplier without this group populated with the asset condition code will be rejected.

MIF233 – Creation of a ‘rejection flow’ response to a request to send a D0215

ELEXON has confirmed that this will be progressed to CP with the aim of submitting to September’s MDB.

MIF234 – Potential Change Proposals to improve BSC processes in identifying and managing Customer Preferred Agents

The initial discussion of this MIF identified that there are multiple issues to be addressed. Therefore, IREG recommended that the MIF should be Closed and three new ones raised to address the following issues:

  • How does a Supplier identify that a new Customer has a direct contract with preferred agents?
  • How does a Supplier identify that an appointed agent’s direct contract with the customer has ended?
  • How does the supplier get visibility of the fault resolution process, as currently they do not see the D0005 ‘Instruction on Action’ Data Flow sent between Meter Operators and Data Collectors?

MIF235 – Review of MAP17 MIF process

IREG agreed that the scope of the MIF was limited to how MIFs are scheduled. It agreed that the inconsistencies in MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) 17 (Issues Resolution and Change Management) should be amended to clarify that MIFs received after MDB paper day can be scheduled for the next IREG, at the discretion of the Chair. Gemserv will propose changes to the MAP and MDB and IREG Terms of Reference to achieve this.

Gemserv will also look at making MIFs available via the MRASCo website in the short-term; the new website requirements include these in the Change Tracker as the long-term solution.

MIF236 – DTC Annex C wording not mandating population of data items.

This MIF identifies instances in the DTC Annex C where the word ‘should’ potentially need to be changed to ‘shall’, as the rules are mandatory. It was agreed that an RFI be issued to understand the impact of changing each instance of ‘should’ to ‘shall’.

MIF237 – Contract Manager Guidance Document

The draft document produced by the Erroneous Transfers Working Group (ETWG) was reviewed by IREG. Although it was agreed that a guidance document, to be issued to new parties and hosted on the website was useful, the wording needs some revision. Also, an appendix with the list of required contacts should be included.

Next meeting

IREG will next meet on 11th October 2017.