IREG Update December 2017

IREG met on 13th December 2017 and discussed the following MRA Issue Forms (MIFs):

MIF219 – Full Review of Working Practice Product Set

IREG were presented with updates on the review of the Working Practices (WP) and agreed that:


  • WP7 can be progressed to CP to remove it from the WPPS.
  • WP107, WP125 and WP144 investigation should be carried out to confirm that they should be included in Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) configurable items or guidance.

The following WPs will be reviewed next – WP76 and WP122.


MIF238 – Changes to WP152 Requesting Additional or New MPANs

IREG noted that the proposal is to change the current process and use ECOES2 to facilitate requests for additional or new MPANs. This is could make the D0168 and D0169 Data Flows redundant. IREG requested that Gemserv seek an initial impact assessment from the ECOES service provider to determine the estimated costs of implementing the solution and any alternatives. IREG also requested that the Data Transfer Service provider identify the total number of D0168 and D0169 Data Flows are received; and the total number of requests for MPANs contained in these flows. It acknowledging that a large proportion are requested via email.


MIF240 – Missing Register Mapping Coefficient for Non-Settlement Meter on D0367

IREG noted that the Proposer has closed the MIF following advice received by MRASCo from ELEXON. It recommended against updating the D0367 Data Flow as the two metering arrangements described in BSC Procedure (BSCP) 516 are likely to persist into the smart arrangements. The non-settlement registers were included in the D0150 and D0149 Data Flows to allow the NHHDC to read the registers. For DCC-serviced SMETS v2.0 meters, the Supplier can retrieve non-settlement registers directly from the meter.


MIF246 – Review of MAP04 process for full and Selective refreshes

IREG advised that MAP04 is not clear and many parties avoid using it as it can be an expensive process to follow and compliance with BSC settlement drivers outweighed any benefit of using the process. The Proposer advised that the MIF should be closed therefore, IREG recommended that a CP should be raised to remove WP16; and that the detail not be added to MAP04 nor the DTC.


MIF247 – ECOES Password reset access

IREG agreed that the User Maintenance function should remain as is, but that a new ‘Password Reset’ function be created. The requirement and cost will be investigated with the technical service provider.


MIF249 – Review of the Distribution of Unallocated Transactions in MAP14

IREG agreed that the process for distribution of unallocated prepayment transactions was unclear. It noted that two PPMIPs had interpreted the process differently, which is inconsistent with how others have interpreted it for this year’s activity. IREG agreed to that some additional steps were required throughout the procedure including positive confirmation from the PPMIP that the data is complete. A Proposer was identified to raise a CP to take this forward in time for the 2018 run.


MIF250 – Review of the D0268 ‘Half Hourly Meter Technical Details’ Data Flow

IREG provided comments on the various changes to the D0268 Data Flow identified in the MIF. The Proposer will update the solution after taking in to consideration the feedback, with the aim of a second review of red-lined changes at the January IREG.