IREG Update January 2019

IREG met on 9th January 2019 and discussed the following MRA Issue Forms (MIFs) and Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) changes.

MIF219 – Full review of the Working Practice Product Set (WPPS)

IREG received an update of the progress of the review. IREG considered whether to continue to progress on this MIF. It noted that there were still Working Practices (WPs) that could be removed from the WPPS due to redundancy or being covered elsewhere. As such, it agreed:

• the drafted Change Proposals (CPs) to remove 4 Pre-payment Working Practices as they were now redundant due to being for Token Meters could progress to MDB

• To continue the review process of the WPPS.

MIF281 – Crossed Meters

A strawman MAP was presented to IREG for the resolution of Crossed Meters. IREG noted that the strawman MAP should be based on the extension of the current WP145 (Identification and Resolution of Crossed Meters) that was discussed at the December meeting. IREG agreed that a new MAP solely based upon the WP145 extension should be drafted for the February meeting with consultation with industry participants and the proposer being key.

MIF282 – ECOES Change Process

IREG were presented with the updated process Map and recommended a further tweak to the process diagram. IREG noted the amendment to the Funding section of the IREG Terms of Reference (ToR) and highlighted two minor amendments that were required and then the updated ToR would be taken to MRA Development Board (MDB) for approval.

MIF283 – ECOES to Distribution Third Party Systems

IREG were presented with the drafted ECOES URS changes and agreed the draft subject to a minor change to the wording. IREG were advised that the Technical Service the Technical Service Provider (TSP) had been contacted for the costs of implementation but due to the festive period had not received a response. Discussions on the development and delivery time-lines and IREG agreed to wait until the ECOES change is implemented in February before further work is conducted. This is because the February implementation may amend the requirements of ECOES once the processes are used for real. These additional requirements could then be incorporated. IREG agreed that this MIF should be discussed at the April IREG meeting as a post implementation review and look to capture any additional needs link to the MIF.

Safe Guarding Customer Working Group

IREG received a verbal update from the previous Safe Guarding Customer Working Group (SGCWG). IREG noted the planned release date for the work conducted is April 2020 and that any changes to DTC Data Flows or Priority Service codes would need to be in place for February 2020 ahead of the go live date. The group had been advised that a six-month lead time would be required for any system changes therefore any Change Proposals would need to be raised sooner rather than later.

IREG were informed that previous guidance document should have been placed on the ENA website however noted would be needed to be refreshed based any an agreed solution. Definitions would also need to be expanded for both all parties and need to introduce more guidance for customers with specific needs.

IREG noted that there were several considerations that need to be agreed including; what the Governance arrangements are and how to manage Consent. It was advised that there may be obligations placed upon Suppliers to share information with Agents. IREG agreed for the SGCWG to remain on the agenda for forthcoming meetings for a watching brief.

ECOES2 Migration Lessons Learned

The Chair advised IREG that the MRASCo Executive Committee (MEC) had requested the thoughts and opinions of IREG on the ECOES2 migration, IREG were invited to comment and these were captured for review by MEC. IREG advised that this question should be posed to all Master Administration Users (MAUs) to gain a complete picture of the industries thoughts regarding the migration process.

Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 13th February 2019.