IREG Update July 2020

IREG met on the 8th July 2020 and discussed the following MRA Issue Forms (MIFs) and Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) changes.

MIF 322 – Automating Communications with the Secure Data Exchange Process (SDEP)

IREG were updated on the progress of MIF 322 which seeks to provide SDEP Parties with an option to send automated operational queries and escalation messages rather than sending them manually as the system is currently set out.

It was identified that escalation use cases for Erroneous Transfers (ET), and ET Re-registration, Disputed Meter Readings, Debt Assignment Protocol (DAP) and Unique Transfer Reference Number Request use cases should be the priority. An impact assessment will be requested from the Technical Service Provider.

MIF 326 – Differentiating between Residential and Business queries received via SDEP

IREG were introduced to MIF 326 which seeks to address the issue that it is not currently possible to differentiate between Residential or Business customer accounts with the current design of the portal. IREG discussed possible solutions, such as including a note in the ‘additional information’ field or a mandatory drop-down box to access the information as these could also provide the same result.  The originator will be considering these comments and progressing to a Change Proposal (CP).

MIF 325 – UMSO Validation rules in MRA Schedule 9

IREG were introduced to MIF 325, which seeks to amend the UMSO Validation Rule in MRA Schedule 9. IREG advised that MIF 325 should progress to a CP for the consideration of the MRA Development Board (MDB) at its meeting on 30th July 2020.

MIF 296 – Review of the Non-Domestic Customer Access to ECOES

It was confirmed that MIF 296 will be part of the November 2020 Release and can be closed.  The User Requirement Specification (URS) will be updated and presented to IREG at its next meeting on 12th August 2020.

MIF 305 – Change Management for MPAS Validation Procedures

IREG were advised that the Meter Point Administration Service’s (MPAS) validation procedures would be captured within in the Retail Energy Code’s (REC) Data Specification. IREG agreed to close MIF 305.

MIF 307 – Incorrect Designation for Domestic Elective Half Hourly MPANs in ECOES

IREG noted that MDB had agreed to release the funds for the MIF 307 activity at its meeting held on 25 June 2020 and agreed this MIF could be closed

MIF 314 – Access to the “User Reports” within ECOES

The Technical Service Provider (TSP) advised that the URS was out of date, and that a number of reports listed were depreciated with the development of ECOES 2 system. IREG were asked if these reports needed to be reinstated. There was no strong consensus, so members were asked to discuss this with their businesses. It was agreed that access to any available reports should be equal for all users for audit purposes. This will be brought back to the August 2020 IREG meeting.

MIF 315 – Consistency of Approach for Sending Priority Service Register (PSR) Data Flow

IREG were unable to discuss this MIF as the Proposer was not present at the meeting. Gemserv agreed to contact the Proposer to confirm next steps for MIF 315.

MIF 316 – Removal of Supplier Access Matrix from ECOES

IREG considered the proposal that the Supplier Access Matrix should be fully removed from ECOES. IREG discussed the required amendments to MAP 15, as well as additional changes to the URS and API documentation. IREG also suggested that the user guides should be updated at the same time.  IREG advised that MIF316 should be progressed as CP for MDB’s consideration at its meeting 30th July 2020.

MIF 317 – Removal of the ECOES Consolidated Report

A representative from the MRASCO Security Committee (MSC) provided a view on the security implications of removing the consolidated report from ECOES. The summary of this was that existing governance provisions mitigate the risks highlighted by Ofgem and without a significant project to manage the migration to another data source the security risk could increase. IREG discussed the risks around confidentiality and third-party use of the data and the introduction of additional controls into future audits.

Ofgem agreed to review the feedback from IREG internally and that a further update would be provided at the next IREG meeting on 12th August 2020.