IREG Update: June 2018

IREG met on 13th June 2018 and discussed the following MRA Issue Forms (MIFs):

MIF219 – Full Review of Working Practice Product Set

IREG deferred further discussions on this MIF to the next meeting.

MIF258 – Near Time Improvements to Electricity Meter Technical Details (MTD)

IREG agreed the top three mismatches of MTD data to be investigated further. Once the data has been extracted from Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) this will be distributed to parties to do an impact assessment. Approval for the data to be extracted from ECOES will be sent to the MRASCo Board.

MIF259 – Update Contact Types and their mandatory status

IREG deferred further discussions on this MIF to the next meeting.

MIF261 – D0312 Process – Quick wins to aid MAP14

IREG reviewed the D0312 (Notification of Meter Information to ECOES) rejection code processing and considered the changes proposed to the ECOES User Requirements Specification (URS) aimed at improving the reporting and the descriptions of the rejection reasons for users. IREG agreed these should be progressed and to request the approval of funding.

MIF263 – Impact of Data Communications Company (DCC) Enrolment and Adoption on Register Mapping

IREG discussed MIF263, which seeks to clarify the register mapping requirements for Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications (SMETS) 1 meters. Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) changes were introduced in 2017 for register mapping rules on DCC-serviced meters and it is unclear if these now apply to SMETS1 meters when they are enrolled. IREG recommended that proposed changes to the D0367 (Smart Meter Configuration Details) and/or Annex C be circulated for wider comment via a Solution Pre-Assessment Form.

MIF264 – DTC Annex C -D0148 Section – 10 scenarios in which a D0148 is necessary are not explicitly covered

IREG discussed a gap in the process for Change of Measurement Class (CoMC) when moving from or to elective Half Hourly settlement. IREG discussed the need for a Smart Change of Supplier (CoS) indicator, so agents would know what process to follow. The Proposer agreed to work with another Supplier representative to draft changes for IREG to review.

MIF265 – Incorrect Grid Supply Point (GSP) Group

MIF265 looks to prevent MPANs being given the wrong GSP group, and agree a standardised process for correction of errors. IREG agreed that corrections should fall under the MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) 04 (Procedure for Error Resolution and Retrospective Manual Amendments) procedure, but that this should be supplemented with specific rules or guidance for this scenario. The Proposer agreed to draft some wording for IREG to review, with assistance from a DB representative.

MIF266 – Exempt Premise List (EPL) ECOES 2 change

IREG discussed the licence obligations for Suppliers to provide an EPL of premises where the meter cannot successfully be connected to any type of Home Area Network (HAN). The obligations are independent of the Alt HAN go-live decision and must be delivered in an efficient and cost-effective method. IREG advised that without the detailed requirements of the data and the process to maintain the EPL it could not determine if ECOES is the correct repository. IREG recommended that the proposer request that a working group under the SEC further develop the requirements and then IREG can assess if ECOES and/or Data Flows are the correct solution.

MIF267 – Alt HAN Inventory ECOES 2 change

IREG discussed the licence obligations for Suppliers to provide a database of Alt HAN equipment installed at premises. IREG agreed that this was similar to MIF266 and should be progressed alongside it.

Post implementation review of DTC CP 3508 (New Address Flow)

IREG requested that a Request for Information (RFI) be issued to understand any issues or difficulties that parties had encountered with the introduction of the new D0381 Data Flow and the process to use it, under MAP CP 0283 (Secure data transfers changes to MAP09). The RFI questions and timescales were agreed, so that the responses can be considered at the August IREG meeting.

ECOES Application Programming Interface (API) requirements

IREG were informed that MRASCo Board has requested that the ECOES API for MRA parties be implemented as soon as possible. User requirements were presented to IREG as a late paper and were agreed, noting that a csv format output would be wanted. The ECOES User Requirement Specification (URS) will be presented to IREG for approval based on the requirements agreed.