IREG Update March 2019

IREG met on 13th March 2019 and discussed the following MRA Issue Forms (MIFs) and Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) changes.

MIF219 – Full review of the Working Practice Product Set (WPPS)

IREG received an update of the progress of the review. IREG noted the further analysis carried out on the remaining Working Practices and agreed to continue the review. It noted that there were still Working Practices (WPs) that could be removed from the WPPS due to redundancy or included within the Data Transfer Catalogue. As such, it agreed:
• the three (3) drafted Change Proposals (CPs) as they were now either redundant or could be added to Annex C of the DTC and could progress to MDB.

MIF281 – Crossed Meters

An updated draft MAP was presented to IREG for the resolution of Crossed Meters IREG discussed the changes made along with how a Crossed Meter enquiry would be received from customers. IREG agreed that there were potentially a couple of routes that the customer would take either to the Distributor or the Supplier and where an enquiry is made, some customer information would need to be captured and passed on to initiate the process. IREG noted that the process set out in the draft MAP would be needed to explore the options for the technical solution such as ECOES or as agreed through the SCWG. IREG highlighted further amendments to the process that were required and further noted that potentially there could be multiple Suppliers and multiple MOps involved in the process and therefore a question was raised as to how far back the corrections would need to be covered off. IREG agreed that the next steps would be for the MAP drafting to be updated and to discuss at the next meeting.

MIF278 – Gap with HH Change of Meter Operator

IREG were unable to discuss the responses to questions received back from Meter Operator, in respect of looking to align the D0268 and D0303 Data Flows and make the Meter Manufacturer Make and Type Mandatory within the Data Flows, due to the Proposer being unable to attend the meeting and wished for them to be discussed at the April 2019 meeting.

MIF284 – Potential Improvements to MRA Agreed Procedure 21 (Disconnections)

IREG were advised that the MIF had been raised because at the Faster Switching Expert Group (FSEG) where discussions had taken place in respect of the specific changes required for Stage 0 of the switching programme in June 2019, further improvements of the process had been identified but had been viewed as not needed for June 2019. The areas covered: a) clarifying the expectations around logical disconnections, to minimise the occurrence of rejected logical disconnection requests; b) shortening the timescales for Distribution Network Operators to action such requests c) Introducing a distinction between “business-as-usual” and bulk requests, in terms of the timescales for DNOs to action. IREG noted that the “logical disconnections” there was a significant number of rejections that the DNO’s issue back to Suppliers because the meters appear to be on site. IREG discussed how an amended process could work for “logical disconnections” but agreed that where the MPAN/s are associated to Unmetered Supplies these would be out of scope since it is managed by the Unmetered Supplies System Operator (UMSO). IREG agreed that drafting on MAP21 could be carried out based on the discussions taken place using the version out for Impact Assessment and vote at March 2019 MDB.

MIF285 – Review of the valid set of codes under J1253 and use of the J0024 to better describe a change of energisation status rejection

IREG were unable to discuss the responses received from the RFI that had been received due to the Proposer being unable to attend the meeting and wished for them to be discussed at the April 2019 meeting.

MIF288 – Industry Contacts Database

IREG were unable to discuss the MIF due to the Proposer being unable to attend the meeting but noted that it could be considered at the April 2019 meeting.

Safe Guarding Customer Working Group

IREG received a verbal update from the previous Safe Guarding Customer Working Group (SGCWG). IREG noted the planned release date for the work conducted is April 2020 and that any changes to DTC Data Flows or Priority Service codes would need to be in place for February 2020 ahead of the go live date. IREG noted that a new MIF could be brought to the next meeting highlighting the changes proposed to the PSR codes including aligning the descriptions to fit with the three utilities. involved. IREG highlighted that potentially alongside the MIF due to the timescales involved, that if any drafting of the Change Proposal could be brought along that may assist in meeting the timescales. IREG noted that there were several considerations that need to be agreed including; what the Governance arrangements are and how to manage Consent, amendments to the DTSA to allow water companies to use the Data Transfer Catalogue and send the D0225 Data Flow.

Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 10th April 2019.