IREG Update November 2017

IREG met on 8th November 2017 and discussed the following MRA Issue Forms (MIFs):

Special IREG meeting for MIF248 – Plot Addresses

IREG requested that a special IREG meeting be organised to be held on Wednesday 22nd November 2017. Notification will be sent via the IREG Huddle workspace and regular IREG members will be ensuring any business experts are notified and invited accordingly.


MIF244 – Review SPF102 following Impact Assessment

IREG discussed the draft redlined changes to Data Item J0385 (Communications Address), Data Flow D0268 (Half Hourly Meter Technical Details) and Annex C Rules for the D0268 and agreed with the additional points made and that the Proposer should proceed to Change Proposal (CP).  It was requested that the CP be submitted in January 2018, to allow review (under another MIF) of other items associated to the D0268 and any necessary resulting adjustments to be captured.


MIF236 – DTC Annex C – Wording not mandating population of data items

IREG reviewed the responses to a Request for Information and noted that all instances of ‘should’ identified in Annex C for the following Data Flows could be changed to ‘shall’: D0055, D0148, D0205, D0268, D0300, D0301, D0303, D0312, D0313 (see DTC for flow names). These instances will be included in a CP that will also look to introduce a contents page to Annex C.

The instances of ‘should’ in Annex C for the D0225 and the D0367 require further investigation to determine if they need to be changed to ‘shall’.


MIF237 – ETWG Contract Manager Guidance

A revised version of the guidance document was reviewed and no comments were received on the draft wording. Following a minor update to the Appendix and final confirmation from the Erroneous Transfers Working Group (ETWG), IREG agreed it would be ready to be included in the accession information sent to new MRA parties.


MIF239 – Permissible symbols included in email addresses sent through the DTN

Following review of data provided by ElectraLink showing the instances of invalid characters sent via the DTN, it was determined that the volume of rejections is insignificant compared to the transactions sent across the DTN. No significant issues were identified and therefore IREG agreed no action was required and the MIF could be closed.


MIF242 – Notification to Supplier of a Customer Preferred Agent’s contact end

ELEXON presented an overview that looks to address issues where a Customer’s direct contract with an agent (Meter Operator/Data Collector/Data Aggregator) ends and the Supplier is not notified in time, so that it can either change the agent or agree terms with the existing agent. IREG advised that as agents are not a party to the MRA but are governed under the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Procedures, an addition to the BSC is the correct solution.


MIF243 – Adding Supplier as recipient of D0005 ‘Instruction on Action’ Data Flow

IREG agreed that the proposed solution for this MIF – to add an instance of the D0005 Data Flow from Meter Operator (MOP) to Supplier – would improve the process for Suppliers and MOPs. An associated BSC change will be required with the MRA DTC change and should be progressed in line.


MIF245 – DTC Annex D use of ‘Not Used’ as the description of a valid value

IREG discussed the instances of valid values with a description of “Not Used”. It was identified that these values have been purposely left in the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) and set to ‘Not used’ to allow historic instances of the value to still be transmitted. It was not thought that any of the instances are currently causing issues and therefore a change was not deemed to be beneficial.


MIF246 – Review of MAP04 process for full and Selective refreshes

The Proposer requested that this be rescheduled to the December IREG meeting.


MIF247 – ECOES Password reset access

IREG agreed that splitting out the password reset access would be useful for parties and that the requirement and cost should be investigated with the technical service provider.


MIF219 – Full Review of Working Practice Product

IREG were presented with updates on the review of the Working Practices (WP) and agreed that:

  • WP144 and WP147 can be progressed to CP to remove them from the WPPS.
  • WP150 will be progressed to CP to add rules to Annex C and remove the WP.
  • WP6 – the proposer will investigate aligning the MRA and BSC.

The following Working Practices will be reviewed next – WP7, WP107 and WP125.