IREG Update November 2019

IREG met on the 13th November 2019 and discussed the following MRA Issue Forms (MIFs) and Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) changes.

MIF219 – Full review of the Working Practice Product Set (WPPS)

IREG received an update of the progress of the review. IREG noted the further analysis carried out on the remaining Working Practices and agreed to continue the review. It noted that the review was almost complete and that three Working Practices (WPs) could still potentially be removed from the WPPS. The group discussed how the remaining WPs would be displayed on the MRASCo website once the review is complete.

MIF288 – Industry Contacts Database

IREG were advised that Gemserv had received several contact data cleanse spreadsheets from parties. It was noted that Gemserv were now in the process of managing and processing the data for the data cleanse and converting it to the format required for by the MRASCo website Technical Service Provider (TSP). It was advised that the processing activities would be completed by the end of the week commencing 18th November 2020 and then passed over to the MRASCo website TSP for amalgamation.

MIF294 – Suppliers can require New Connection Registrations without a meter installed to be cancelled.

The Proposer of the MIF advised that the issue would be picked up within the scope of the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Issue 86 Workgroup, which would be meeting in December 2019. It was agreed that the MIF would remain open with an update on progress through the BSC to be brought to the January 2020 IREG meeting.

MIF303 – Amendments to MAP28 as a result of the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

The Proposer of the MIF presented IREG with a draft MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) which combined the guidance held in MAP28 with the guidance within MAP27 to create a single MAP for the Import and Export MPAN processes. The group discussed an issue whereby the appointed Meter Operator MOp for the Import MPAN would have to be the MOp for the Export MPAN although the Export Supplier may not have a commercial relationship with that MOp. It was agreed that a conversation would be had between the BSC, Suppliers and MOps ex committee around this subject and the findings would be brought to IREG at the next meeting. IREG noted and discussed the newly drafted MAP and highlighted areas where more information would be required. The Proposer agreed to make the minor amendments to the MAP and it was agreed that the new MAP would be taken to the November 2019 MRASCo Development Board (MDB) where it would be issued for Impact Assessment. A Supplier agreed to act as Sponsor for the change.

MIF305 – Change Management for Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS) Validation Procedures

The Proposer introduced the issue and advised that the MRA states that Distribution Businesses are required to document the MPAS Validation Procedures applicable to the MPAS Registration System and should publish these to Suppliers. It was highlighted that there have been several changes to the MPAS Validation Rules, but generally the changes are made to the MPAS Validation Rules by the MPAS Technical Service Provider (TSP) outside of the MRA Change Process, the new rules go live and a subsequent change is made to the MRA after the event to reference the correct version of the document. The Proposer advised that the MIF did not propose a solution however, and just wanted to understand why the documented process was not being followed.

The group discussed the reasons why Suppliers would need to see the Validation procedures and how not having visibility of them prior to a DTC change go live date was causing operational issues.  The group discussed the role of Distribution Businesses in the MPAS Validation Rules change process. Distribution Businesses advised that the MPAS TSP would only make changes to the Validation Rules based on what was detailed in the final Change Report.

It was highlighted that it had not always worked that way in the past whereby MPAS had processed and validated Data Flows in a way which was not expected. The group discussed ways in which the Validation Rules could be shared with Suppliers prior to release at length.

The Proposer asked if Suppliers would need to; just have view of the document before release; visibility and have the opportunity to comment; or if Suppliers would like to be involved with the drafting of the Validation rules. The majority of Suppliers advised that they would primarily need to see the document before go-live and that they would appreciate the opportunity to Impact Assess the Validation Rules. The group discussed the ownership of the document and discussed the vires of the MRA in this situation. The group came to the conclusion that this issue required more discussion by Distribution Businesses and the MPAS TSP, it was agreed that this issue would be raised at the Service Management group at their next meeting in December 2019 and the outcome of discussions would be brought back to the January 2020 IREG meeting.

MIF306 – MAP08 – Missing/Disputed Read Process Issues

The Proposer advised that the Disputed Reads procedure detailed within MAP08 was not being followed correctly by Industry and asked IREG to discuss if the agreed procedure was fit for purpose. The group discussed the process and agreed that the MAP was enough but that this could be a Performance Assurance issue that would require additional steps in the audits. IREG discussed the BSC Audits and discussed if this would pick up the entire process. It was highlighted that the MRA could provide a training session on how to correctly follow the process. IREG agreed that a Request for Information (RFI) would be issued to Suppliers to identify common issues that are present with other Suppliers in the process and to identify specific areas where training could be useful. The RFI would be issued for a 10 Working Day Impact Assessment and to discuss the responses at the December 2019 IREG meeting.

SPF106 – Improvements to the D0268 Data Flow

The Proposer presented IREG with an updated CP for improvements to the D0268 Data Flow based on the Impact Assessment responses to SPF106. IREG noted the CP and the Proposer invited comments. There was a question regarding Commissioning Dates on the Data Flow. The Proposer advised that this fell outside the scope of the CP and agreed to discuss this issue ex committee. There were no further comments and it was agreed that this CP would be taken to the December 2019 MDB meeting to be issued for Impact Assessment.

Secure Communications – New MAP

The Proposer presented the new MAP for Secure Communications and the associated CP. IREG noted the MAP and discussed before agreeing the drafting of the MAP. It was agreed that the CP would be taken to the December 2019 MDB meeting to be issued for Impact Assessment.

Secure Communications – Updates to Existing MAPs

IREG noted the draft CP and the amendments to MAP04, MAP08, MAP09, MAP10, MAP12, MAP13, MAP14, MAP21 and MAP24. The group discussed the MAPs and asked the Proposer for clarification that the MAPs referred to personal data only to be sent through the Secure Data Exchange Portal (SDEP). The Proposer advised that they had been conscious to ensure that this was covered off within all the MAPs. The group noted that the template for what constitutes and is required for an escalation had been removed from MAP10 and asked if this had been reflected in the drafting of all of the MAPs. The Proposer advised that this was the case and that the template would appear on screen when using the SDEP. The group asked for a list of the Data Items that would be required for an escalation to be present in the MAP.

A Distribution Business asked if there would be an option to send bulk uploads through the system, the Proposer advised that this should be the case, but it would be raised with the SDEP TSP as a design consideration. It was agreed that the CP would be taken to the December 2019 MDB to be issued for Impact Assessment.

Safeguarding Customer Working Group (SCWG) Update

The SCWG representative advised that the last SCWG meeting took place on the 10th October 2019 where the group discussed the progress with water companies, it was advised that further engagement was required from water companies to understand and engage with Data Flows. It was highlighted that Water UK were fully engaged with the group. It was advised that the next SCWG meeting would be taking place on the 14th November 2019 with the focus being a review of the Data Share agreements and the aim was to draft a single Data Share agreement for all parties to sign.

The next IREG meeting is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 11th December 2019.