IREG Update October 2020

IREG met on the 14th October 2020 and discussed the following MRA Issue Forms (MIFs) and Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) changes.

MIF332 – ‘Changes to Message Ownership in Secure Data Exchange Portal (SDEP)’

IREG discussed MIF332 which proposes to add functionality to the SDEP to allow parties to bulk assign messages and to filter messages either by assigned/unassigned and read/unread. IREG were satisfied that the proposed solution addressed the issue provided and agreed for a request to be made to the MRA Executive Committee (MEC) for the approval of funding.

MIF331 – SDEP User Reporting

IREG were presented with the feedback and examples received from Parties regarding the SDEP User reports, where the current SDEP reporting could provide the outcomes requested by parties.

Gemserv advised that having multiple different bespoke reports within the SDEP would be costly however, parties would first need to identify the defects to be addressed in the reports before new or bespoke reports can be created.

Gemserv agreed to investigate the filter requirements for each of the reports and to provide a further update at the November 2020 IREG meeting.

MIF 322 – Automating Communications with the Secure Data Exchange Process (SDEP)

Gemserv advised that the second iteration of the Impact Assessment (IA) had been received from the ECOES Technical Service Provider (TSP) too late for IREG’s consideration at the meeting, but noted that the IA would still be presented to MEC for approval at its meeting on 27th October 2020.

MIF333 ‘New Meter Type (J0483) values to identify Auxiliary Proportional Controllers (APC)’ and MIF334 ‘Identifying Additional Electricity Smart Meters (ESME) and Standalone Auxiliary Proportional Controllers (SAPCs)

IREG reviewed MIF333, which seeks to identify if a change is required to the Meter Type Data Item J0483 in the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC), to align with the Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications second generation (SMETS2) changes being implemented into the Smart Energy Code (SEC) Schedule 9 in November 2020. The SMETS2 functionality is being amended to incorporate Auxiliary Proportional Controllers (APC’s) in order to enable more precision and flexibility in the control of load. As a result, possible consequential changes are required to minimise data quality impacts for Suppliers and MOPs.

IREG also discussed MIF334 which addresses the Change of Supplier (CoS) process for the additional meters and APC’s to ensure settlement integrity is not compromised by Suppliers incorrectly matching ESMEs to incorrect meters.

IREG reviewed the proposed solutions for both MIFs and agreed that they should be combined and progressed as one MIF. IREG agreed to address all solutions under MIF334 and that MIF333 would be closed.

MIF320 – Review of the Unallocated Transactions Process

IREG discussed the proposed amendments to be made to MAP14 in order to improve the Unallocated Transaction process. IREG noted the amendments are an initial step in the performance assurance process and that MEC were committed to improving the Unallocated Transaction process prior to migrating to the Retail Energy Code (REC).

MIF335 – MSN History Details available on ECOES

IREG were provided with an overview of the MIF, noting that a request to include the full history of MSN details to be added to ECOES had been made. IREG discussed the proposed solution and put forward suggestions for the ECOES Technical Service Provider (TSP) to include in the Impact Assessment phase. A further update would be provided at the November 2020 IREG meeting.

ECOES User Requirement Specification (URS)

IREG reviewed the updates made to the ECOES URS ahead of November 2020 Release. IREG had no further comments and approved the ECOES URS.

ECOES Data Permissions Review


The MRA Executive Committee requested that IREG conduct a review of the data permissions available to each ECOES User Type. Gemserv provided an overview of each User Type and the suggested amendments to each category inviting IREG members to comment. IREG members agreed to provide feedback regarding PCW data permissions ahead of the November 2020 IREG meeting.

MIF336 – Secure Data Exchange Portal (SDEP) Central Switching Service (CSS) Data Cleansing Use Case

IREG reviewed MIF336 and were supportive of the proposed solution to create a specific Data Cleanse Use Case. Gemserv advised that an Impact Assessment would be sought from the ECOES TSP and that a paper requesting its approval would be taken to MEC at its October 2020 meeting.

The next IREG meeting will take place on Wednesday 11th November 2020.