IREG Update September 2018

IREG met on 12th September 2018 and discussed the following MRA Issue Forms (MIFs) and Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) changes:

MIF219 – Full review of Working Practice Product Set


  • Noted that the MRA Development Board (MDB) rejected WPPS CP 150 (Delete WP77 from WPPS). The rejection came about when one Distribution Business (DB) rejected the change, one supported it and the other DBs were neutral or had no interest. The DB that rejected it as there were no corresponding DTC CP to add clarity in the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC). A Proposer will be raising a DTC CP to address this and a new WPPS CP to remove WP77.
  • Agreed to progress CPs for WP6 (Determining the Meter Reading on Change of Supplier (MRoCoS)); WP104 (Population of D0086 for Non-Settlement Registers); WP119 (Change of Supplier with shortened registration); WP152 (Requesting Additional or New MPANs).
  • Agreed to the review of WP 57 (Error Handling – Notification); WP 58 (Error Handling – Whole File Retransmission); and WP 59 (Error Handling – Correction of Errors).

MIF258 – Near Time Improvements to Electricity Meter Technical Details

IREG supplied feedback on the draft reports issued to it. The group agreed amendments required to enable the reports to be re-issued along with documenting how the design of the reports were developed. IREG agreed to transfer this MIF to the Faster Switching Expert Group (FSEG) for future management of the activities.

MIF261 – D0312 Reports

IREG noted that the FSEG is drafting changes, that if approved, would remove the D0312 (Notification of Meter Information to ECOES) Data Flow. Instead, ECOES will receive the metering information from Meter Point Administration Services (MPASs) in the future. IREG noted that the rescoping of the reporting under the MIF would better sit under the FSEG work as the data cleansing of ECOES is for the benefit of the Ofgem Switching Programme. IREG agreed to transfer this MIF to the FSEG.

MIF264 – DTC Annex C – D0148 Section – 10 scenarios not explicitly covered

IREG noted that the Proposer of the MIF is unable to attend to discuss or progress this MIF. Although there are no formal processes for adoption of MIFs, IREG agreed to share the MIF on Huddle with a message seeking a new Proposer. Should no new Proposer be found ahead of the MRA Development Board on 27th September 2018, then the MIF will be closed.

MIF271 – Managing ECOES User Access

IREG considered the estimated costs of implementing the changes and agreed that the ECOES User Requirement Specification (URS) changes should be reviewed and agreed at its October meeting.

MIF272 – Meter Serial Number not known on CoS for Smart DCC-serviced meters

IREG noted the three responses received for the request for information (RFI) and supplied feedback on the draft changes. The Proposer will take forward a DTC CP that considers the feedback provided.

MIF273 – Additions to section 4 (Access to ECOES) of MAP15

IREG agreed with the proposed solution to include additional parties to MAP15. A Party agreed to Sponsor a MAP CP to take forward the solution.

MIF274 – Improve the Electricity Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) User Administration

IREG supplied feedback on the solution and considered the initial estimated costs of implementing the changes. It agreed to the proposals to improve the reporting. However, it wanted to seek feedback from the ECOES Master Administration Users (MAUs) and parties on which functions they would like to be able to give to others within their businesses.

MIF276 – ECOES Letter Privileges

IREG supplied feedback on the solutions and agreed to consider the ECOES URS changes at its October meeting.

MIF275 – Process to support an Authority decision when provisional order issued

IREG agreed with the proposed solution and recommended that the Proposer raise as a material MRA CP so that the Authority approves the CP. The Proposer will look to progress an MRA CP for the October’s MDB.

MIF277 – MS Access version of DTC

IREG noted that any change to version of the MS Access database used for the DTC is under the MRA Executive Committee’s (MEC) vires. It therefore recommended that a request is raised to MEC for it to consider upgrading to a version that Microsoft supports. The outcomes from MEC to IREG will be confirmed.

MIF278 – Gap with HH Change of Meter Operator process

Within the D0268 (Half Hourly Meter Technical Details) Data Flow, the Manufacturers Make and Type is optional. However, it is mandatory on the subsequent D0303 (Notification of Meter Operator (MOP), Supplier and Metering Assets installed / removed by the MOP to the MAP). IREG noted that in the D0150 (Non Half-hourly Meter Technical Details) Data Flow, the Data Item is mandatory. Annex C of the DTC, rule 5 states: “Manufacturers Make & Type optional as Outstation Type is coded.” IREG agreed to seek the Association of Meter Operators (AMO) views of whether the Data Item should be made mandatory.

ECOES testing approach for MAP CP 0298 and ECOES API

IREG supplied feedback on the testing approach for the two ECOES changes. IREG noted that, although it has agreed the ECOES specifications to support MAP CP 0298, it has not yet agreed the ECOES URS changes. As such, it will consider these at its October meeting.

Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 10th October.