Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) August 2015 Update

IREG met on Wednesday, 12th August 2015 and discussed the below:

End to End Review of MAP08

IREG reviewed updated drafting of MAP08, which had been developed based on discussions following a Request for Information (RFI) at the June meeting and further feedback from the Group at the July meeting. IREG agreed to progress the amendments into a MAP Change Proposal (CP), noting that a further change may be required to MAP08 in the future due to a forthcoming change to the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC). IREG also discussed the provision of the 250KWh advance outlined in the MAP and agreed that an alignment exercise could be conducted under a separate MRA Issue Form (MIF).

ECOES User Requirement Specification (URS) for the November 2015 release

IREG reviewed the ECOES User Requirement Specification (URS) prior to the November release. Minor amendments were agreed to some wording used and the Group decided to circulate the document for parties to carry out a final review ahead of the November release date.

Automated ECOES Password Resets

IREG considered a proposed amendment to automate the password reset process in ECOES. IREG suggested that to obtain further industry views on the proposal, a Solution Pre-assessment Form (SPF) could be raised for MDB consideration, with updated costing information for the options to introduce the functionality. It was also requested that the Security Expert Group (SEG) review this SPF before MDB considers the potential change, to ensure the relevant security requirements are met for each option.

MIF177 – Review of arrangements to resolve Crossed Meters

IREG discussed the current MRA guidance for the resolution of Crossed Meters under Working Practice 145. Some parties indicated that the relevant mandatory SPAA Schedule 31 is used as a reference for resolving crossed electricity meters as well as gas meters, as the SPAA Schedule defines specific timescales for resolution. IREG agreed to circulate an RFI for 30 Working Days, to investigate whether the Working Practice could be improved, if it should be introduced as a mandatory process, and to gain an overview of the volume of Crossed Meters that occur.

MIF178 – Suppliers not correctly formatting MAP13 Flows

IREG noted that contrasting information on how to format MAP13 Data Flows exists between MAP13 and Annex C and as a result, agreed for a 10 Working Day RFI to be circulated to gain feedback on how parties currently populate these Data Flows. This would allow IREG to update the relevant governance documents, to ensure that all Suppliers follow a consistent formatting approach.

MIF180 – Change of DNO

IREG were informed that a draft MAP dating back to 2004 existed which outlines a process for a change of Distribution Network Operator (DNO). It was agreed that further clarification on the Change of DNO scenarios that parties have witnessed and an indication of volume would be beneficial, alongside a review of whether the MAP drafting could meet the current requirements of the industry. As a result, IREG agreed to circulate a 10 Working Day RFI along with the draft wording of the MAP for parties to review and discuss at the next meeting.

MIF 181 – Priority Services Data

A revised list of codes for communicating priority service data has been produced by an Ofgem sub group. The list can be applied by parties to a site where a priority service has been identified. IREG agreed that amendments to the Data Item J1699, as well as the D0225 Data Flow and DTC Annex C, would be required to align the list of codes and their use. IREG agreed to issue a number of questions to the industry via a 30 Working Day RFI to ensure that the amendments would fulfil parties’ requirements.

IREG will next meet on the 9th September 2015