Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) December 2015 Update

IREG met on 9th December 2015. Please find below the main updates from the meeting:

  • IREG discussed a number of proposed changes to the D0215 Data Flow, in order to improve communication of site Technical Details to Distribution Businesses. IREG were presented with analysis conducted by ELEXON that identified inconsistencies in the Current Transformer ratios reported on the D0215 Flows compared to the D0268 Flows. IREG agreed to amend the proposed solution and progress a Solution Pre-assessment Form (SPF) to MDB for feedback.
  • One Party raised an issue via MIF190, which outlined that Distribution Businesses had been receiving missing Asset Condition information in the D0135 Data Flows sent from Suppliers. Distribution Businesses suggested that the subsequent D0126 Flows may not be sent because the missing information is mandatory. IREG discussed this issue and the raiser noted feedback that the Asset Condition information is not required to send the response Flows.
  • IREG considered whether the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) should be removed from the MRA and its Products on the recommendation of the MRASCo Board. IREG discussed the licencing risks to all Parties of not removing the UPRN from ECOES, as well as the relevant industry Data Flows. IREG agreed changes to the ECOES User Requirement Specification (URS) in principle, in order to ensure that ECOES does not store UPRN data. IREG also agreed to sponsor MRA, MAP and DTC Change Proposals (CPs) in order to progress removing the ability for Parties to send the UPRN across the DTN.
  • IREG discussed the Impact Assessment (IA) responses to SPF 0092 and agreed that a MAP should be developed in order to progress the proposed MOp and ECOES data comparison exercise, for those meters listed on the Unallocated Transaction Report (UTR). IREG will consider the wording of the draft MAP in its January meeting.
  • IREG discussed the IA responses to MAP CP 0261, as one Party advised that some of the proposed changes to MAP21 could be considered as material and outside the purpose of the MAP Review Project. IREG agreed that these changes were not material and decided to progress the CP to vote at the next MDB meeting
  • IREG discussed the IA responses to MAP CP 0260, as parties noted that parts of MAP12 may no longer be applicable or used following the introduction of Registration withdrawal. IREG agreed that the existing Objections procedures should be drawn into one procedure, to provide a clear process for Customer requested and Co-operative Objections, which are currently covered in MAP10 and MAP12.
  • IREG considered a proposed solution under MIF187 for the secure transfer of the ECOES consolidated report, which had been identified by the Security Expert Group and recommended by the MRA Executive Committee. IREG highlighted that user testing should be completed by Parties, before a decision is made on the implementation of the new solution.
  • IREG agreed a number of changes to the ECOES URS, following acceptance of MAP CP 0243 by MDB. These changes will be implemented in February 2017.


IREG will next meet on 14th December 2015.