Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) July 2015 Update

IREG met on 8th July 2015 and discussed the following:

MIF175 – Identifying whether a metering system is CT or WC

IREG discussed how to identify where a metering system is Current
Transformer (CT) or Whole Current (WC) ahead of a Change of Supplier (CoS) in light of the approval of P322. Several solutions were discussed including the use of Huddle or ECOES, however due to the time pressure to introduce a solution by November 2015, it was noted that there was not a sufficient lead-time to
introduce an ECOES solution. IREG recommended for a Change Proposal to be raised to introduce a new MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) to obligate Suppliers to provide CT/WC Information for
Profile Class 5-8 customers using data received in the D0150 Data Flow, ahead of a consolidation exercise which will provide the
required information to all Suppliers through Huddle. This has since been raised as MAP CP 0252 and is currently out for impact

MIF176 – Informing SMSO of meter removal

IREG discussed MIF176 following the recommendation by MDB that an issue be raised following the rejection of DTC CP 3463 at the June MDB meeting. The provision of the Smart Meter System
Operators (SMSO) for a meter was viewed by some Suppliers to be a contractual issue that did not require an industry wide solution to be introduced. IREG recommended that the raising party of DTC CP 3463 be contacted, in order to attend the next IREG meeting to provide further information on the issue.

End to End Review of MAP08

A review of MAP08 has been carried out by IREG following the
approval of P322 under the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) as well as a review of any existing issues with the procedure. IREG reviewed the MAP08 redlined drafting that had been
developed based on discussions following a Request for
Information (RFI) at the June IREG meeting. IREG agreed the
provisional drafting with recommendation for some further
amendments. IREG requested that the drafting be brought back to IREG at the August meeting, ahead of being raised into the MRA change process.

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