Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) November 2015 Update

IREG met on 11th November 2015. Please find below the main updates from the meeting:

  • IREG discussed the MRA provision for communicating updates between MRA Parties, as the current wording of Clause 47 states that notices should be delivered by post. The Group agreed to investigate a change to the wording, so that efficient updates could be co-ordinated through the MRA Secretariat where appropriate.
  • IREG considered whether an additional impact assessment was required for MAP CP 0240, 0242 and 0243 following MDB consideration of an alternative solution under SPF 0090. IREG agreed for the CPs to be progressed directly to vote with the original solutions at the MDB meeting on 26th November 2015, since an impact assessment had already been completed previously. MDB will modify the implementation dates of the CPs when voting on them.
  • IREG discussed the solutions to resolve the unallocated transactions associated with disconnected MPANs, as outlined in MAP CP 0227. The Group discussed the benefits of introducing an enduring solution to ECOES in order to allocate the transactions. However it was agreed that the costs of the possible system changes were significant and the current approach to attempt to individually investigate each MPAN was preferable. IREG will continue to consider a report to ensure that each unallocated transaction associated with disconnected MPANs are resolved.
  • The Group reviewed redlined wording to amend MAP08 – The Procedure for Agreement of Change of Supplier Readings and Resolution of Disputed Change of Supplier Readings, identified due to Authority approval of BSC Modification P302. The redlining was suggested through industry feedback provided under SPF 0089, as well as the requirements introduced by BSC CP 1446, which has been accepted by the BSC Supplier Volume Allocation Group. One Party advised that a CP would be raised to introduce the redlining as proposed. The Group considered the best method to develop clear procedures for disputed and missing readings for both smart and non-smart meters, and noted that there may be a benefit in creating separate documents for each process.
  • IREG considered redlined wording for Working Practice (WP) 145, as agreed at the meeting on 14th October 2015. The Group had agreed that a number of changes should be made to WP145 in order to clarify the definition of Crossed Meters in the WP, and to introduce a resolution process with relevant timescales in line with SPAA Schedule 31. The Group made some minor housekeeping amendments to the drafting and agreed for a CP to be progressed to MDB.
  • IREG discussed MRA Issues Form 186 – Change MRA Schedule 14 to Reference MPRS Validation Rules, which seeks to remove the need for MRA CPs to be raised each time the Validation Rules are updated. One party noted that the current process was introduced to ensure that each Industry Participant was aware of the changes to the MPRS validation processes. The Group noted that this could be raised at the MPRS Service Manager Group to progress and if a change was preferred, an MRA CP would be raised for consideration at MDB.
  • IREG were presented with the options to amend the D0312 processing rules in ECOES. The Group discussed that when updating the MAP ID or Meter Type, the entire history of the meter will currently be amended back to the installation date. IREG noted that as this functionality was intentionally introduced as part of the ECOES release in June 2015 and that the intention of the meter history within ECOES is to provide the current metering details. As such, the Group agreed not to amend the functionality of the system.