Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) October 2015 Update

IREG met on 14th October 2015. Please find below the main updates from the meeting:

  • IREG discussed Request For Information (RFI) responses for MIF 177 – Review of Arrangements to Resolve Crossed Meters and agreed that a number of changes should be made to Working Practice (WP) 145 to clarify the definition of Crossed Meters in the WP, and to introduce a resolution process with relevant timelines in line with SPAA Schedule 31. IREG will review redlined drafting for the WP at its next meeting.
  • IREG discussed RFI Responses for MIF181 – Priority Services Data. Some parties raised concerns over the proposed inclusion of Priority Services Register Special Needs Categories that are not related to electricity. Sensitivities around sharing non-mandatory information between Suppliers and Distribution Businesses was further discussed. One party noted that a Change Proposal (CP) would be raised to introduce the final list of Special Needs Categories into the D0225 Data Flow, with other parties indicating that they might also raise alternative CP(s) on the matter.
  • MIF 185 – Updating Metering Details in Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) Using the D0312 Maintenance Screen was introduced to highlight issues experienced by one party when trying to update the meter type from Non-Half Hourly to Half Hourly using the D0312 Data Flow and D0312 Maintenance Screen. IREG recommended that the D0312 functionality should be re-tested and results reported to the raiser of the MRA Issue Form (MIF), with the issue being discussed in further detail at a future IREG meeting if necessary.
  • IREG were presented with a set of considerations for inclusion in the draft MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) for a change of Distribution Business process and agreed a number of amendments to the existing drafting, including clarification of timescales and MRA Executive Committee (MEC) involvement. IREG will receive updated redlined drafting as a post-meeting document and following approval, a Solution Pre-assessment Form (SPF) will be raised to obtain feedback from MRA Development Board (MDB) on the proposed procedure.
  • IREG discussed MIF182 – Introduction of Additional File Format to Data Transfer Network (DTN) and considered whether any governance arrangements or guidance might be required under the MRA following the introduction of an additional optional file format (XML) for transferring information to the DTN. IREG agreed that there is currently no requirement to develop additional governance or guidance under the MRA to accommodate the additional file format, as the guidance should be provided under the commercial arrangements of the Data Transfer Services Agreement.
  • IREG considered the proposed changes to the ECOES User Requirements Specification for release 4.0, which will go live on 5th November 2015. IREG noted some minor housekeeping amendments to the wording of the changes and approved the User Requirements Specification for implementation.

IREG will next meet on 11th November 2015.