Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) September 2015 Update

IREG met on 9th September 2015 and discussed the below:

1. MIF178 – Suppliers not correctly formatting MAP13 flows

IREG reviewed the responses received for the Request for Information (RFI) – Format of Data Flows used during Prepayment Debt Assignment process, which had been issued following the August IREG meeting to identify whether parties followed the formatting defined in MAP13 or DTC Annex C when sending the D0306 to D0309 Data Flows. IREG recommended that MAP13 should be aligned with the data format defined in DTC Annex C. IREG further noted the Meter Register Reading Data Items included in each of the Data Flows were not populated by all Suppliers and questioned whether the Data Items could be removed from the Data Flows. If Meter Register Readings were retained in the Data Flows, IREG noted the Data Flows would need to be adjusted to allow for three-rate prepayment meters.

IREG recommended raising a Solution Pre-assessment Form (SPF) to allow parties to assess the suggested solution and to indicate whether the Meter Register Reading data items should be retained.

2. MIF180 – Change of DNO

IREG reviewed responses received for the RFI – Change of DNO Process, which had been issued following the August IREG meeting to obtain parties’ feedback on the draft MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) for Metering Point Administration System (MPAS) to MPAS Transfer of Metering Points. IREG provided a number of comments on additional items to be considered in the draft MAP, such as a Change of Supplier (CoS) process during a change of DNO and recommended that the draft MAP should be updated to address comments raised by parties, before being further discussed at the October IREG meeting.

3. MIF 179 – Valid set of J0465 longer than maximum physical length

IREG considered MIF179, which outlined that the value “CoP5 (Issues 1 and 2)” in the Valid Set of Data Item J0465 exceeds the maximum physical length of 20 characters. IREG recommended a Change Proposal (CP) should be raised to remove “(Issues 1 and 2)” from the value.

4. Disconnected MPAN report

The disconnected Metering Point Administration Number (MPAN) report was discussed and IREG recommended that vend dates should be included and the report re-circulated to Suppliers, alongside a note indicating the points to be investigated by Suppliers and actions to be taken. The analysis of responses received will be further discussed at the November IREG meeting.

5. MIF183 – MAP15 reconciliation exercise

IREG considered the system reconciliation exercise proposed in MAP CP 0241, noting that as the scale of discrepancies between ECOES and Meter Operator (MOp) data was not currently known, it would be difficult to determine whether the proposed reconciliation would resolve a large number of issues with prepayment transaction allocations. IREG also raised concerns that a large amount of data would be overwritten automatically, without giving Suppliers the option to check the data prior to it being updated.

IREG recommended that a smaller exercise should be run initially whereby MOps would provide an extract of Data Items contained in the D0312 Data Flow along with the current Supplier ID for those meters currently listed on the Unallocated Transactions report. The data provided by MOps would be compared to ECOES metering information for the same meter points to identify the percentage of unallocated transactions due to incorrect metering information in ECOES. Analysis of the discrepancies could then be used to determine whether a full system reconciliation of metering information should be carried out.

IREG recommended raising an SPF to obtain feedback on the impacts of the proposed initial reconciliation exercise and associated costs.

6. MIF184 – Alternate Options to remove XREF from prepayment allocation process

IREG discussed MIF184, which outlined an alternative solution to MAP CP 0240 and MAP CP 0242. The MIF suggested an additional option to stop sending MPAN records to ECOES instead of applying the ‘Break the Link Process’ and producing a Routing Method report.

IREG recommended that an SPF should be raised for parties to impact assess the proposed solution.

IREG will next meet on 14th October 2015. If you have any questions please contact the team at