Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) Update April 2017

IREG met on 12th April 2017 and discussed the following:

MIF215 – Metering Commission Flow

Elexon provided an update the potential code of practice (CoP) 4 review and the development of the metering commissioning Data Flows.

  • Update on potential CoP4 review: Elexon advised that it will not raise a BSC Issue to explore potential changes to CoP4. Instead, they intend to provide education workshops to raise awareness of how the BSC works for the commissioning of metering equipment. However, should a BSC Party raise a BSC Issue, they are recommending that the issue, focusses on CoP4 section 5.5.2 to make it more specific and remove the flexibility. Elexon advised that they have received a suggestion to make CoP4 a risk based approach, but it does not believe that this change in approach would be for the benefit of Settlement.
  • Update on commissioning Data Flow: Elexon advised that the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) wishes the work to create a commissioning Data Flow to be be continued. They believe that the current process of sending email communications with attachments was too inefficient and painful manual process. The PAB acknowledged the concerns around CoP4 but felt that any future change should be fed into the Data Flow after its initial creation; and that this work should not be put on hold for any ‘potential’ change.

Elexon will hold another joint P283-IREG workgroup on either 3rd or 15th May 2017. The purpose of that meeting will be to agree a final set of Data Items for the flows so that the change proposals for the BSC and MRA change processes can be progressed.

Depending on the date of the joint workgroup, Elexon will update IREG either at the next meeting or the following one in June.

MIF217 – Balance Assignment Protocol

The Proposer discussed a number of areas of consideration, based on the responses received from Suppliers to the Request For Information (RFI), at a joint SPAA Expert Group (SEG) and IREG meeting. It was agreed to hold a follow up joint meeting at 12:30pm on 10th May 2017.

MIF218 – Accuracy of Industry Contacts database

Gemserv updated IREG with the progress of resolving functional issues with the database; and the mapping exercise.

  • With the User Acceptance Testing due to be complete by 14th April 2017, Gemserv sought volunteers to provide external testing of the functionality. Contract Managers will be given 10 Working Days to cleanse the data once the database changes have been implemented.
  • An update to the user guide will be issued alongside the functionality update. IREG agreed that the user guide should set out the seniority of contact required; and explain that any missing contacts will be defaulted to the Contract Manager.
  • IREG suggested further mappings identified in the MRA Agreed Procedures (MAPs) and description changes. It also advised that a process needs to be put in place to ensure that any new contact roles created through CPs are identified and implemented in the database – this will require the various issue and change forms to be updated.
  • IREG asked that its membership be included and suggested that the other committees and groups be consulted on whether their membership should be captured.
  • Gemserv agreed to investigate whether third parties could be given access to the database.

MIF219 – Working Practice Product Set (WPPS) Review

IREG noted the categorises of the WPPS by subject area (WP type), role (Supplier, Distributor or both) and by sub-categories (Prepayment, Smart etc). IREG agreed that:

  • The Pre-Payment Metering Forum should formally be asked to review and provide feedback on prepayment relevant working practices.
  • Elexon to review the change of measurement class and checksum related working practices.
  • Electralink to review WP20.
  • The next IREG to consider the DTC related working practices.
  • WP143 should be removed through a CP.

MIF220 – ECOES letter production for MPAS Agents and DNOs

MIF220 seeks to clarify the ongoing requirements for customer letter production in the Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) and the archiving of these letters. IREG agreed to issue a Request for Information (RFI) to Distribution and Independent Distribution Network Operators to determine if the letters serve a purpose and how long the letters should be retained if at all.

MIF221 – Rules for use of the J0024 Data Item

MIF221 seeks to implement rules for the population of the J0024 Data Item for use in the D0002 and D0221 flows, in relation to DTC CP 3504. After considering the potential unintended impact on other Data Flows; and IREG’s suggestion to wait and see until after November 2017 to see if it is an issue, the Proposer withdrew the MIF.

Next Meeting

IREG will next meet on 10th May 2017.